The Many Faces of the Parapet Truss

There are many projects these days that require a parapet wall in the building design. To understand in detail the nature of and requirement for parapets, please click here for a wonderful article by BSC (Building Science Corporation). Here is a brief definition and description:


Oftentimes, the builder is asking for the parapet to be built in the trusses and save costly field fabrication time. Like all truss designs, it can get tricky and challenging. There are just as many faces of the parapet truss design as there is to the webbing configurations in common peak trusses.


In this article, I am going to show you a few different types I have run across. Are you ready?

Common Type Sloping Parapet with Cantilever



Sloping Step with Roof Plane Cut-In


Gable Studded Sloping Step with Roof Plane Cut-In


End and Mid-Point Parapet with Roof Plane Cut-In


End and Mid-Point Parapet with Roof Plane Cut-In with Pocket Beam


Walk-Through Truss for Roof Access


Parapet Jack Truss


These types of trusses are really fun to design, but can be “headscratchers” at times. Every job is like a new puzzle and when it comes to parapets, some of the pieces are really strange to look at!

What kinds of odd shapes of parapet truss have you had to come up with? Share in the comments below.