Changing the World, One Project at a Time

In the country of Haiti, as many are aware, there are immense life challenges. Some have a tremendous amount of resources, while others have barely enough to survive. Sometimes all it takes is just a little perseverance to help make a difference.

After the wake left in the destruction from the earthquake, many were left homeless. The lack of building codes and structural integrity of the living spaces left little to no resistance to withstand the forces of Mother Nature. Daniel Meadows of Maxima, S.A. saw a need and went to work to help the community.

Gould Design, Inc. had the honor of working with One Mission Society and Maxima, S.A. and being a part of the first project that has ever used manufactured trusses in the country of Haiti.bon-repos-haiti-4
Daniel met with the GDI founder and they devised a plan to help make a difference.
truss-electricalThis resulted in manufactured trusses being built in Haiti that adhered to some of the strictest codes in the United States, the Miami-Dade section of the FBC.
masonry-blockThis project was called “Bon Repos” and was a giant relief to many families. You can learn more about the cause here.
rake-ladderThe project is many small structures centered around a main church/community center facility.
bon-repos-haiti-1Since trusses were a whole new ballgame to this country, a tremendous amount of collaboration and education had to take place.
construction-crewEducation was done via email and conference calls with the Project Manager and the field crew.
bottom-chord-bracingEducation took place about the difference between common and vaulted trusses.
truss-materialsFramers needed to understand what purlins were and how to install them.splice-plateHow to properly attach fascia to trusses.
fascia-applicationaligning-fasciaRake gables of concrete had to be expanded upon.
rake-gable-wallAs did the ladder framing attachment.
gable-laddersgable-ladder-framingSo did the “finish work” after the structural attachments to concrete structures.
stuccoTo handle the structural elements needing special attention, GDI partnered with Kent Bice of BBD Engineering & Design Firm, LLC
wood-beamKent advised on structural beams.
tie-beam-insetMr. Bice also handled the sealed engineering and purlin requirements spacing requirements to transfer lateral loads.
purlin-bracingAnd uplift requirements.hurricane-tiesmitek-platesThe difference between temporary and permanent bracing was explained.
peak-framingThe families were elated as they watched things progress.
grateful-familyThe construction crew worked tirelessly to be on schedule.
construction-progressbon-repos-haiti-5installing-plywoodThe children patiently and eagerly looked on.
community-parkWhen the project was finished, there was a tremendous ceremony expressing much gratitude.
bon-repos-haiti-3bon-repos-haiti-9bon-repos-haiti-8To participate in a project like this was truly an honor and GDI is grateful to have had the chance to make a contribution, however seemingly insignificant. Take a moment to be grateful for what you have. There are others not as fortunate.
Remember, it only takes one candle to cancel out darkness.