Big And Small, We Do It All

Here at Gould Design, Inc., one of the most valuable things our customers appreciate is our ability to handle any size, any difficulty job and do it correctly. From the simple garages and pole barns to the custom 10,000+ square foot house, all the way to the 100,000+ square foot assisted living facilities, we have a highly skilled design team in place to handle any type of design.

How can this be? How can a company that operates remotely, detached from its customers succeed in meeting their expectations? Professional Development and Protocols, that’s how. I will not take up space to relate on those topics. To answer these questions, refer to some earlier articles on Truss Designer Training, some of the tools used and on quality and quality assurance.

What I want to do today is highlight some of the projects that have been assigned to us and give you a better idea of some of the versatility we can perform and the level of confidence our customers have sending these types of projects to us in the first place.

On some of these, GDI provided trusses only. Others, trusses, and EWP. Still others, wall panels were included in addition to trusses and/or EWP.

Active Lifestyle Community – First Trusses Ever Built in Haiti



Assisted Living – Louisville, Kentucky



Apartment Building – Toronto, Ontario


Apartment Building – Halifax, Nova Scotia



Active Lifestyle Community – Louisville, Kentucky



Many thanks go out to our customers for providing these pictures. It is an honor to serve you!

If you are a manufacturer struggling to “do it all”, give us a call!

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