Truss Manufacturers: Are You Providing All Your Client Wants to Buy?

There are many, many types of framing that go on out there, depending on which region you are selling to. A truss manufacturer’s job is to provide as many of those time-saving items to shorten field-application of the products. However, how do you know what they are? Are you asking the right questions?

Have you ever purchased a new car and noticed all the extra “add-ons” that are placed on the sales ticket? Does anyone ever NOT take at least a few of them?

There are numerous time-savers you could offer your customer as a line item option, such as:

  • Bracing lumber
  • Hip cats
  • Level returns
  • Shear panels
  • Hip gables
  • Gable ladders
  • Box framing
  • Parapet wall build-ins
  • Sheathed gables
  • Bearing blocks/scabs when required
  • etc.

You get the idea. I will not take space to relate more than these 10. The question posed today is: Are you providing all your client will buy?

This brings to mind one, in particular, I would like to share with you. The gable “Ladder Box” truss.


This truss is very useful in regions where you have seismic loads and also high wind zones. It provides the lateral resistance needed to withstand such forces.


The suggestion to you, Truss Manufacturer, is to begin to add in “Options” to your truss bid for some of the items above and any others your sales team can educate your customer on the need for. You will be shocked at how many times they will want you to supply them!

After all, your customer is building these in the field anyway, right?

The role of the sales team is one of education. The more education they have on what the customer needs and what the manufacturer can produce will equal a greater margin. Try adding in some options and watch your margins soar!