There Is An “I” In Team

We are all familiar with the old adage “There is no “I” in team”, right? Well, it might be time to give that conclusion a second look. Seems that times-are-a-changing! In order be successful, we will need to change with the times or get left behind.


Here at Gould Design, Inc., we like to use an acronym for “TEAM” that some of you may be familiar with:





This acronym says pretty plainly how important unity is to success, does it not? Yet in our day and age, things have changed. We live in an age where there is more instant gratification than ever before (text messages, email, etc.) and somehow we have become addicted to it. Think about it. How many times do you check your phone an hour? A day? Do you ever turn it off for an entire day? You probably just checked it right now!

In a team, even that “space” in the picture referenced above has its place. How? One word: Perspective. Sometimes we can learn the most, not from those that agree with us, but those that don’t!

Even an @$$hole has its place and time. Everyone adapts this trait from one time to another. Or at the very least, we certainly know someone who resembles one, right? At the end of the day, there is only One who can judge, our job is to find a spot on the team for that “space.”

What’s the point?

When we can persist with the perspective of an open mind, sometimes our worst enemies can be our best teachers. As one wise man once said, “I would never have understood success had I not failed first.” Another said, “Success is failure turned inside out.” After all, a man I am sure everyone has heard of named Walt Disney filed bankruptcy multiple times until he found success. Yet, he persisted. Click here to review some other famous and successful people who also has a similar path to success.

When a business-minded person can use the invaluable tool of empathy to try to really understand the other person’s point of view, success occurs. Learning is the natural result. When we truly have the best interest of the “TEAM” at heart, we will take the time to listen to those willing to share their opinion, success occurs.

I would like to introduce another acronym for you to ponder:





Empowering &



If you can find a way to make that “space” fit in your team, you will benefit more than you can imagine. What have you got to lose besides becoming that “space”? Give yourself a chance to find out!

Gould Design, Inc. Administration