How to Use the “Model Options” Tool in MiTek to Increase Productivity – Part 2

In this article, we will continue where we left off in Part 1. Now that we have created our options we need to import trusses. In designing these you will see the power of using the Model Options tool in MiTek.


First we are going to import the trusses from our base model job. At the “Import” Dialog window you are going to select “Basics”. In basics, you are going to check the “Project” box. After selecting “Project” the “Manage” button will appear. Click on that button.

This opens the “Project management” dialog:


You would normally have to play around with the arrows to figure out what does what. The topmost and bottommost arrows will move the entire contents of a column over to the other side. The middle arrows move only the highlighted item over to the other side.


Click “OK” and you will see a slightly different look in engineering. Note the dropdown menu on the top right corner of the truss list window. When we click on the arrow we see four options. We have the folder where the job files are located, then the three jobs that comprise of the base model (double gable), the single hip, and the double hip. All models share the partial hip.


Before proceeding further, we are going to import the trusses for our other two jobs. You will notice that when you “Create Trusses” from Sapphire and have engineering open on another monitor, you can see that the dropdown menu will automatically change to the job that you have selected. Once all the trusses have been imported I can begin designing.

If we remember correctly, there is no A7 or A8 truss in the base model. Yet it is listed here in the “folder” because the “folder” is picking up all the .TRE files for all three job model options. I’m going to design all the trusses once in this window. So instead of designing “A2” three times, I design it only once.

Now that we’ve designed the trusses, let’s look at each of the jobs to see how they look. Pay attention to the quantities.

Base Model:


Single Hip:


Double Hip:


There you have it! We are ready to go! We hope you have enjoyed this brief look at another useful tool in the MiTek Sapphire software suite.

Comment below to let us know how you use this tool, or to share any useful tips or tricks you have.

Tim Hoke – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.