Construction Terminology Tools for Training Junior Component Designers

Here at Gould Design, Inc., we are firm believers in Professional Development and efficiency training to enhance each designer’s experience level and help each individual to reach their potential. As a company, we have spent tens of thousands of dollars, year after year, to produce effective and high-quality training tools.

Having perfected many of these tools through combined experience and a humble dose of trial and error, the time has come for GDI to offer them to the public.

The one I want to highlight in this article is Construction Terminology. Our staff has taken the time and made the effort to put together a comprehensive terminology glossary with pictures and definitions for each of the following categories:

  • Code/Legal Terms
  • Foundation
  • Plans/Documents
  • Truss
  • Walls
  • Wood & Building Materials

Combined, these six items relating to terminology are over 400 comprehensive pagesthat include title, description and a picture reference as shown in the sample below from Code/Legal Terms:


Each of the six categories focus on one area and can be a great learning tool for those new to design or those looking to “fine-tune” their skills. They may even prove to be an affordable tool that is beneficial to experienced veterans looking for a “tune-up”, or to continue their growth into other areas of component design.

We want to offer these tools to anyone interested for an inexpensive flat rate as follows:

  • Any 1 (one) subject = $24.95 (pdf format) or $49.95 (PowerPoint format)
  • All 6 (six) subjects = $109.95 (pdf) or $229.95 (PowerPoint format)

We also have compiled a similar type of tool for the varying types of hip end conditions (Atlantic, California, Midwest, Stepdown, etc.), but more on that in a future article.

Please email us at to place your order or with any questions you have.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and live up to our Vision Statement!