How Do You Encourage Feedback on Your Company’s Performance?

How Do You Encourage Feedback on Your Company’s Performance?

As a quality control feature to better service our clients, Gould Design, Inc. has built-in a feedback tool into each job that is submitted to and completed by GDI. This tool was designed with the customer’s value and satisfaction in mind. The thought behind this is to prompt our clients for comments on the satisfaction level they have relating to their particular project(s). In order to increase value and performance in meeting the customer’s needs, feedback is essential.

GDI uses a job management & workflow suite called Appwright for its workflow. The team at AppWright has customized their incredible software to suit our specific, individualized needs as a company. This software suite is extremely affordable and has built-in new ways to track and measure performance, efficiency and profit. It is being used by home builders ans component manufacturers alike. Some of the features this extremely powerful system contains:

  • File storage
  • Scheduling & Calendar
  • Email
  • Sales forecasting
  • Reports
  • Invoicing
  • Customizable forms
  • Accessibility from any device connected to the internet
  • And much, much more

At GDI, we have taken it a step further and built in a quality control feature.

How It Works:

When a job is sent over and completed, the Appwright job management & workflow suite prompts a client for their input. This is done by sending out an email requesting comments on each and every job. This will certainly improve a client’s experience with GDI and to help us better service their needs. The job-specific comments that are input will then be taken and used for training of our design team. They may even shed some light on an area of a client’s pre-approved design criteria that had not been addressed during the setup process, or clear up a “gray” area that remains.

  • After a client’s invoice has been submitted, the individual user who logged that particular job into the AppWright system will get an email like this:


(NOTE: All job-specific information has been “whited-out” to protect the confidentiality relating to this particular sample)

  • Once the user selects “Click to Score”, the AppWright system will then bring up this window:


This is where we are asking our clients to provide as much job-specific detail as possible. By taking 3-5 minutes for each job and providing feedback, we can continually improve our performance and output to ensure the product you receive meets or exceeds client’s expectations. After all, every service based company’s motto should be “Under commit and over deliver” right?


Simply put, we don’t know what we don’t know! Without this vital and important feedback it becomes nearly impossible to make adjustments and improve the quality of product our customer receives.

In fact, sad to say, that over 50% of the locations GDI is servicing does not take the time to give us this essential feedback. If you are one of them and are experiencing any challenges or discrepancies, tell us! We simply cannot improve or address them unless you inform us.

We have built-in this feature to allow the customer the chance to enable us as a company to get closer to the target from the get-go. Like anything else, it simply will not help without a client’s critical input.

When we don’t get any word back from our customer on a particular design, we have to assume that all was done satisfactorily and continue doing the same on future projects. This is especially important on an account where GDI is servicing multiple locations with multiple designers, or an account that is a fairly new relationship.

Quality is the end result every client desires, right? By creating a simple process like this in our business workflow model, we are only asking our client’s to take just a few minutes of their time to relate their satisfaction for each project. In doing so, our company’s performance will continually improve and the value GDI adds to that company will skyrocket.

How do you encourage feedback in your company? Please comment below.

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design, Inc.