How Truly Blessed are You? Will You Share That Blessing?

How Truly Blessed are You? Will You Share That Blessing?

Have you ever really stopped to think, exactly how blessed you are? People take this fact of life for granted every single day. Every single breath we breathe is a gift from G-d. Every action we take of our own free will that He gave us to serve another is an even greater gift.

I have had the wonderful opportunity for the last 3 years to go on a mission trip with my church. We traveled to the sunny Island of Hispaniola, to the Dominican Republic, as part of a medical mission team with an emphasis on evangelism. My wife is a nurse, she loves the time we spend there helping and serving. I have worn many hats over my lifetime and I can find something to do wherever we go.


On the first trip I worked in triage I was the first friendly faces these people saw in the morning as they started their journey through our medical stations. During down times, I was walking around through the different areas of our make shift clinic. I found myself in the evangelism station we had set up in the back. Every person that came through not only received free medical care, but more importantly Spiritual care as well.


There was a gentleman on this trip, who I look up to tremendously, tirelessly going through the gospel presentation with each person or each family that we had seen in each village. I watched him as much as I could throughout the week, wishing I had what it takes to sit there and share the gospel with people as tirelessly he made it seem. I felt as if I didn’t know enough or wasn’t worthy of such a task. I was reminded of a scripture:

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

Matthew 28:19

I had just realized that I not only had what it takes, it was He who had placed it there. I also realized that I was commanded to do this. This verse in context was given to the original 12 disciples. But as believers and followers of faith, we are to also take his word and his love to all people across the globe.

“Teaching them to observe all thing whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.”

Matthew 28:20


The next year we went back, that gentleman I was watching was not able to go, the leader of our group was desperately trying to find someone who felt they were being led to fill that spot. As we arrived and started dividing up the jobs, I volunteered for that all-important task.

Scared, inadequate, nervous… these are just a few of the feelings racing through me at the time. I believe that was a turning point for me. We all need to help people in this world whether you are a believer or not. Everyone should get out of their comfort zone, reach across barriers (cultural, spiritual, language) and make a difference in someone’s life.

We have been blessed to meet all types of people as we traveled. I recall clearly a story about a lady with an empty pantry who had prayed that morning: “G-d, I have run out of food for my family, I am entirely depending on you to provide dinner tonight.” He hears her call and provided. Our group was already busy that morning had been preparing bags of food to be delivered to families of one of the schools we visited. It just so happened that her home was one of the ones we visited. She did not know why we came up to her door that day. But she was so relieved to find out we had food for her and her family, she dropped to her knees and began to pray prayers of thanksgiving.

I have seen people who didn’t want anything to do with their Creator have a complete change of heart. Also I have seen those who did not, I pray for them still, hoping to see them on a return trip if the G-d makes it possible.

We all are changed the better for having gone on these trips as volunteers. We know that G-d loves each of us for who we are, yet He may not agree with our choices at times. No, I do not believe in the grandfather-in-the-sky kind of G-d. He is all-knowing, all present, He sees everything we do, He knows our every thought, and He even has the hairs on our heads numbered, (which is scary for some of us, as that number seems to keep getting smaller!)

I am reminded of yet another scripture as I write this article.

 “For it is written, as I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”

Romans 13:11

We can choose to accept and serve Him here on earth. He will judge each of us according to our actions and our good deeds. I hope that you stand on the His side and have accepted the free gift of salvation that you have been given.

I am thankful to Him for allowing me to go on these trips and be used for His glory. I am including a link to the trip video for those who would like to see. You can view it at or by clicking here.

If there are any medical professionals who would like to go; we need all the help we can get for future trips.

Thank you for reading! Your job now is to go out today and do something for someone else to brighten the world. Remember, it only takes one candle to light up a dark room. Imagine how bright this world could be if we were all lighting a candle!

Tim McKnight – Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.

One thought on “How Truly Blessed are You? Will You Share That Blessing?

  1. Well done… in general, posts of a religious nature are taboo, especially in this PC world we live in.
    Just an observation/experience… we are blessed in the blessing. Infact, I’m not sure who has the greater blessing.