Start Off On The Right Foot And Improve On Your Integrity

Start Off On The Right Foot And Improve On Your Integrity

Wait…we just signed the set-up paperwork and you’re charging me? Questions like this one can pop-up in your head if you’re getting an outsourced service. And you can reply: When I take my car to the shop the mechanics doesn´t talk about any amount until he has inspected the vehicle.

While this is a valid argument, what needs to be explained is the difference in the service: In case of a repair the expert needs to review the case to come with a proposal. In our case (component design) we are going to become experts in your working process regarding your company protocols and by meeting customer conditions we will produce your requirements.

So, we start working for you since you signed the agreement. In order to do so there will be training on our end to the staff assigned to your account which must become skilled experts according your conditions in short time. But do you have them on paper yet? Have you told us what they are? Or are they all in someone’s head?

In our 10 years in business, how many companies do you think have provided us with the information needed for us to mirror their expectations? 50%? 40%? Ummmmmmm, no. Actually it’s less than 1%. A total of 2 (two) companies have actually had this information on paper. It makes me wonder how they make any money when they have people sitting next to each other doing things differently. It certainly must be fun training new employees. Think of how much money is wasted do to ignorance and inefficiency. Any business owner with half a brain that claims to have any integrity to his customer base would make this a priority. Wouldn’t you think?

In March 2014, GDI even offered to give away a tool that we have invested 5 figures in creating to combat this problem. You can click here to read the original article titled “Truss Manufacturing: How To Be More Profitable.” Question of the day: In the 21 months since that article and offer was posted, how many times have we been contacted to give it away? Are you ready for this? Zero. Zilch. Nada. None. So either the hundreds of people who read that article are either at maximum profitability or they have a couple of screws loose.


I know, I know, you are thinking that a wood truss is a wood truss, right? Certainly, the main truss principles are the same (shape, loading, building codes, etc.). However, the way each company handles its business and design criteria/preferences changes and someone has to learn and adapt to everyone’s needs. Besides, the regional conditions variations alone imply particular or special conditions that will be required to match.

The excuse is always “We don’t have time.” So let me get this straight: You don’t have time to make your company more profitable? Why are you even in business then? How does GDI combat this as a company? We offer to make it for you, for a fee. In fact, we require you to provide us with the tools to be successful in order to service your account. Otherwise, it’s kind of like letting the blind guy drive.

What are the advantages?

  • Having an initial fee provides you a cost you can handle to your advantage and allows you to use GDI as another muscle to keep your flow of work running smooth
  • You can plan a schedule to handle your cash flow and expenses in an efficient way, after all you will make up the cost of this fee in week if you actually use the document internally
  • You will have a “sign” warning you about the use of the outsourcing so you can improve on its use and see in detail how GDI is helping you make more profit
  • Use it for big projects or handling small stuff that could be going elsewhere because you can´t deviate your attention from the most important jobs
  • Smaller business lost due to inefficiency can sum an interesting figure at the end of the year when you have consistency across the board
  • We are a source of expertise you can find easily and could be helping not only in truss design but in managerial process, as we have gained a lot of experience working with big and small businesses
  • GDI works as external eyes showing you strengths not properly expounded upon or even foreseen due to the mistakes others have made that we have learned from

A setup cost is a way to ensure accuracy. It also forges Win/Win relationship from the beginning, assuring the flow of work won´t stop. It provides your company with a support for the months when expenses can accumulate and makes you choose providers scale back on.

With a proper setup fee your company has a flexible section in the road, giving you room to maneuver in difficult months, while assuring that the extension of your design staff (that´s the GDI team) learn about your processes to handle each and every job efficiently and inside your specifications.

Assuring the proper system of work releases burdens from your staff in all levels (technical and administrative) and ensures the financial growing and reputation inside the truss business realm creating a virtuosity circle which it will work always in your benefit.

One term applies very well here: I don’t know what I don’t know. Well do you know? If you do, are you going to tell anyone? Are you going to take action? Or are you going to wait for the guy that does know to leave and take all of the information in his head with him?

Stay tuned for part 2 on this widely controversial subject where facts are broken down even further.

Javier Dominguez – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.