Are You Gambling With Your Company’s Growth?

Are You Gambling With Your Company’s Growth?

An often overlooked, but very important aspect of business consists of reducing uncertainty. The art of making decisions seems to rely on this principle of sorts. Investigating, learning to pick up the best choices in a major field of awareness, knowing the advantages, risks and costs of such elections are some of the solutions.

Nevertheless, the odds are there. Unpredictable situations jump in every day (from freakish weather to cracks in the financial market) and it is necessary to adjust the direction of the ship’s direction every now and then. Is it possible to reach a pond of tranquility and is there enough time to evaluate proactive choices?

Not seeming to adhere to probability, we, as business owners, tend to bet on the “sure thing.” Besides, the water needs to flow downstream or otherwise it can get polluted, right? We are human and we like predictable situations. I have news for you, certainty is an illusion. So, whether we like it or not, uncertainty is going to be there and it is even necessary for the proper functioning of the system as the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics: Entropy (The disorder inherent to any Dynamic System as the car´s engine or business process).

Then the questions that must be asked are:

  • Can the odds be reduced or controlled?
  • How is management taking decisive action?
  • Are these actions based on a proven, rational system or on a hunch?
  • Do they take into account the possible chances and risks?
  • Have they weighed things out on the balance scale?
  • Are they proactive or reactive to the business environment?
  • BOTTOM LINE: Is management gambling with the future?


How can you get the odds in your favor?

Technology is dynamically changing things for leaders that have an open mind to learning what it can do for their business. Is your company “doing things the way it always has” without adapting to the innumerable resources available at your fingertips? Have you gone “all in” without even realizing it? When was the last time you updated your policies and procedures?

Let’s face it, component manufacturing has been surfing that “same old” wave for quite a while. Improvements in computer design capabilities and manufacturing processes are increasing the speed of production, but can the design department keep up with it? What good does it do to have millions of dollars worth of efficient equipment in your fabrication facility if its output is not being maximized and the machines are not running every second the plant is open?

Until a little over a decade or so ago, a manufacturer’s capacity was limited to production capacity and fabrication output. The plate manufacturers responded with amazing machinery that not only increased the efficiency, it also reduced costs be minimizing waste and reducing manpower. But has this helped our industry?

Couple this with the fact that computer software is boosting the demand and requirements from customers for more difficult product, making designs more creative and demanding.

Remember the days when:

  • It took 3 or 4 employees to run a saw?
  • The sawyer was one of the top paid employees in the shop?
  • You needed to measure, cut and build a jig for each profile setup?
  • You needed a skilled “table leader” to ensure accurate fabrication?

Nowadays it takes:

  • 1 person to run a saw
  • The sawyer is a computer operator
  • Automatic tables and laser systems do all the setup work
  • Unskilled labor can fabricate the product

The bar is going higher and working processes and new methods are required to sustain admirable growth. Eventually it won´t be possible to conciliate actual working methods with new advances of technology and demand. Specialization is becoming more detailed and horizons seem blurry. Something needs to change here folks!

The only 2 things that have not changed in this industry are delivery methods and design departments! Even the salesperson’s role is different now with CRM’s and cell phones. Does anyone actually use a beeper or a Nextel anymore? Why is this? How can management justify spending all this money to improve the output of their fabrication facility without spending an equal amount to “feed” the machines? It just doesn’t make good business sense.

Business leadership is gambling with their growth by having the resources to actually build it, but not the resources to actually produce the build files! You cannot build something that is not designed, right? So what’s the solution?

That´s the spot Gould Design, Inc. (GDI) is illuminating light into the dark crevices of old methodology. We provide specialized and experienced candidates, with working knowledge in field labor, shop and truss design practices. With nearly a decade of servicing North American manufacturers, GDI helps companies go a step further to maximize output capacity, assisting management in the decision-making process of what is best for their specific company’s needs. We adjust our process to suit your needs and provide valuable suggestions on how to enhance your profit margin.

Just imagine bringing on a cohesive team of remote designers that can compliment your design department within a couple of weeks. Not the several months or considerable expense it can take (with no guarantee of success) to train a new employee in your own design training process. Our training system and process has been so recognized that our customers are now asking us to train their new employees! These are companies that are NOT willing to gamble with their growth. They are looking for the “sure thing.”

GDI can also support companies via efficiency tools or in efficiency consulting. After all, serving over 100 clients has shown us ways to pinpoint immediate savings in excess of 10% of design department costs from some extremely effective tools, methodologies and tips. All this helps management to have a better view of the landscape, reducing uncertainty in handling issues such as time control, costs, benefits projections, etc. Why wrestle with your growth when you can just simply “cash in?”


Improve your odds at the BCMC show in Milwaukee

GDI will be at the BCMC Show from October 20-23, 2015 in booth # 724. This could be the perfect opportunity for your company to start “playing the odds” and putting them in your favor. Knowing the several areas which GDI can help your growth will make current and future customers leave the event with at the very least a lantern to illuminate the path and in the dark cave of uncertainty, knowing for sure the next step to take.

Being aware how the construction business is evolving with software, fabrication and design applications and the way GDI is implementing those changes in our internal system benefits all involved. For our customers, it is a great combination for the 4th quarter of the year to allow innovative companies to plan the next year the right way…proactively.

Even if you choose not to use us as a design service to propel your design department’s growth, give our design department efficiency consultation a “roll of the dice.” Chances are we can save you 5, 8, even 12% of your current overall costs by implementing our proven, cost-effective suggestions. Our exclusive tool system has reaped benefits for many companies that have blessed us with their trust. If you are doing things “as you always have”, then you probably don’t even remember why! Maybe it’s time to bet on a new winner?

Albert Einstein said once: “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

George Bernard Shaw said once: “In gambling the many must lose in order that the few may win.”

Wayne Gretzky once said: “You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Do you know the rules? Are you one of the many? Are you missing your shot?

GDI is here to help you to improve your game in a mutual learning process which is part of the future to come. Are you going to get on board, or let it pass you by? Stop gambling with your company’s growth and contact us today.


Is your company attending to the BCMC Show this year? What are your expectations? Please enlighten us.

Javier Dominguez – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.