New To Truss Design? Don’t Miss the Boat!

New To Truss Design? Don’t Miss the Boat!

The learning curve challenging the new truss designer is daunting. Trust me – I know! I came to learn truss design with no prior experience. My manager sent me a tack of files to review to get up to speed and I learned that new truss designers are expected to:

  • Dig through mountains of information
  • Remember all of it
  • Be able to demonstrate retention design tutorials

Fortunately, I was introduced to MiTek University, which does an amazing job of conveying that information, in a clear, concise manner. This educational platform gave the tools needed to be able to navigate through complicated software with ease. Be warned though: The videos can move a little fast for some users! However, they give you an idea of how quickly you can complete complex design tasks such as capping walls, or creating hipsets.

Using the resources provided by MiTek U. should be a requirement for all truss designers seeking to take their skills to the next level. The program doesn’t only cover the basics for new designers, but also contains advanced design courses that can benefit a designer regardless of experience level.

Throughout my training I have found that this resource is invaluable to anyone serious about competency in the truss design field. Any designer not utilizing it, is simply missing the boat that sails to the island of efficiency.


Phillip Jackson – Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.