Trusses Are Not Just For Roofs and Floors!

Trusses Are Not Just For Roofs and Floors!

As a truss designer I see a lot of different designs for trusses. Trusses are not always for roofs and floors, In addition to being a Project Manager for Gould Design, Inc., I also own a Hop Yard.

This year I needed a raised platform for my Hop Yard. Rather than build it like typically Hop Yards build theirs, I knew I could build it faster, and cheaper with trusses. I started by drawing it in MiTek Sapphire.


After I drew it in Sapphire, I designed it engineering. And sent the .tre files to my local truss company to build the trusses.


The trusses arrived a few days after I ordered them and it was time to fit the pieces together. We started by putting up the large pieces, and then the sides. I designed it to fit together like a puzzle.


It went together like an oversized puzzle! After the pieces were together I added the 2×6 joist @ 16” o.c., and sheathed the floor area with CDX.


Here is the finished product.


It took 2 hours to build this platform with trusses. The platform is very stable, and I am glad I choose trusses to build it. I think that if I were to frame this conventionally it would have taken a whole weekend, and weighed a lot more than it does. It also would have cost much, much more.

Have you used trusses for something other than roofs, and floors? I would like to see your projects.

Tyler Martinez – Project Manager

Gould Design, Inc.

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