The Strength That Relieves the Burden

The Strength That Relieves the Burden

Recently a journalist friend of mine assisted a University and was invited to lecture to a class of students for a discussion. In this event they talked about chronicle styles, topics, new working areas, technology influences and specific issues in the career and the challenges to come as professionals new to the working world. His goal was to motivate them for the future to come.

After two hours sharing related experiences, he felt like the most optimistic one about the future. When he talked about the event, he described how he got captured the strength big enough to lift the daily burdens. Those types of things that can lift us up when we are stuck in the traffic or when we have to deal with any unpleasant situation at work.

There is a word for that feeling

And my friend summarized this as Enthusiasm: The inner drive guiding you not only to accomplish your daily task because you have to, but because you want to do it as good as possible, like the jazz musicians doing improvisations.


Enthusiasm is the emotional state helping us not only to perform the best we possibly can, but can also be shared and help others to do so. Simply put, it is contagious. It can provide us with an insight to find new ways to deal with design issues, computer problems, even administrative hassles. Enthusiasm also can push our creativity to even close a negotiation if gets stuck. Is the little voice inside of us that allows us overcome difficulties and drive us even if the obstacle is similar to climbing a steep mountain.

Enthusiasm makes us focus on solutions not problems. It inspires us in overwhelming situations and allow us to help others. Also, it keeps our feet on the ground and doesn’t makes us become <<false positives>> believing that everything will be all right.

It is a way to walk the path without losing sight of the horizon and makes us stand if we found obstacles in the middle.

Can we make it grow?

Fortunately, yes. Techniques to motivate enthusiasm are numerous and we can find as many as we need on the net. I think there is specific inner mechanism for everyone, and, with enough proactive energy, it can become as routine as a check list like car maintenance. We can build our own list adapted to our personal taste or conditions.

Maybe the most common pointers are:

  • Surround yourself with enthusiastic people: Be aware the environments you are attending. “First stage” is by sharing motivating activities or conversations with people you have common interests in is a way to nurture a different perspective in life. Identify how others motivate themselves so you can discover the inner levers taking you to such state (as you maybe know what drives you crazy).
  • Define a goal: Personal, professional, even for small tasks. Keep always in the forefront of your mind the purpose of what you’re looking for. This is especially helpful when we have to face tedious or difficult situations.
  • Know when you are drowning: If you get “stuck” in a working or personal situation don’t wait until pessimism drags you down. This is called reacting and it leaves the situation in control of the outcome. Seek help, perhaps another perspective that maybe you’re not aware of, or tools at your disposal. At the company I work for, we have the “5 minute rule” if you can’t solve any issue in 5 minutes ask for help.
  • Continuous learning: Become a permanent pupil, even in activities you may have mastered. It is easy to lose enthusiasm if we are not finding new challenges in our routine. And if you are a “black belt” in a discipline, by all means share your experience and be humble enough to learn new ones.
  • Be curious: “This how I’ve done this task all time and it works.” Sure it does, but have you ever wondered if there is a better way? Or a different one at least not to depend in only one resource?
  • Practice sports: This activity maybe is the most related to improve our vision. Why? Because participating regularly any sport or physical activity, we can see or feel health improvements. So this is a way to ensure how things can change with effort and perseverance.

The list can be endless, ad infinitum. You probably have your own tips or anecdotes, would you add anything to this list? We’ll be glad to know about it.

Javier Dominguez – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.