There Is a Difference Between Training and Education

There Is a Difference Between Training and Education


How many of us truly know the difference between the two? Let’s have a look at some specifics:


Training: Specific transfer of same skills to similar settings for the purpose of addressing gaps in skills or knowledge learning. (Dr. Simon Priest)

To keep advancing in one’s career it is imperative that employees engage in continuous training and education. In any new job, training is needed in order to be able to meet the needs and demands of the businesses’ clientele. Training is imperative especially at the beginning of any new endeavor in order to understand procedures and terminology of a business.

Training is often completed by “shadowing” a more experienced co-worker. The trainee should make notes about how tasks are to be completed using company tools and procedures. Training gives you the chance to finally apply education in a real-life situation. Training is specific to an individual’s needs and skills.


Education focuses on learning new skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will equip an individual to assume a new job or to do a different task at some predetermined future time.  (Nadler, p.6)

Education on the other hand is a lifelong process that can be completed through online courses or in class lectures. In the truss industry, many designers complete their software education through MiTek University. Employees complete courses in order to better themselves in the world of design and to learn new software. Once completed the new truss designer goes on to be trained with a mentor from their company who assists them in applying the knowledge they gained through MiTek University.

In the end, education and training work together to provide businesses with skilled and knowledgeable employees that will assist in moving the company forward.


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How do you define the differences between the two? What methods have you found to be the most effective?

Denise Dove – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.