6 Ways Component Design Outsourcing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

6 Ways Component Design Outsourcing Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Are you considering using design outsourcing for your company?  Below are ways in which utilizing this service can improve your bottom line that you may not have considered.


  • Finding qualified designers can be a challenge and in many cases expensive. When you look at advertising costs, expenses associated with any travel involved, moving expenses – the costs can really add up. And if you get a recruiter involved, that adds another layer of expenses to the process. Then you have the additional fact that there is no guarantee the new employee will work out or for how long.


  • Getting a new designer up to speed takes time and resources. Current staff may be involved with the training and thus lose some productivity. In most cases, it will take many months for the new designer to become fully productive and begin producing a return on your investment.  Outsourcing gives you a fully qualified and trained designer from the get go.


Employee expenses

  • Employees cost money. Benefits, unemployment, vacations, holidays, etc. Plus the additional expense of administering these items. Outsourcing frees you from these responsibilities.

Available when you need it

  • Outsource designers work all different types of schedules, not 9-5, M-F. Need a design in a crunch – it can be done for you over a weekend, possible even overnight. No need to pay a designer overtime and incur that expense.


  • Workload fluctuates during the year, especially in those northern climates where the snow starts flying. Outsourcing can give you the tool to increase or decrease your design staff without having to either lay off staff, find things to keep designers busy, or go through the hiring process to ramp up (see item 1).

Work flow

  • Have a large project that just came in and will tie up your existing design staff for a week? Use outsourcing to complete that project to avoid a bottleneck in the design dept. and keep the work flowing to production. More production = more $$.

Outsourcing has many benefits for your component business.  When you consider what it can do for your bottom line, it just makes sense to take advantage of this service.  A qualified and reliable offsite design firm will be ready to show you what they can do for your company and help to make your company more productive and profitable.

Bill Hoover – Design Manager

Gould Design, Inc.