Re-establishing a Truss Design Career after Seven Years

Re-establishing a Truss Design Career after Seven Years

I have been out of the truss design business for about seven years. My previous experience in the field occurred prior to the housing market crash. During that time, I used MiTek for about one year. Over the years, I have had different jobs and explored other careers; however, I would check the truss design job market from time to time. Until recently, if there were positions available they were across the country. When I found Gould Design, Inc. (GDI), I was advised that MiTek would be the only software that was to be used. I was a little intimidated by that, because I remembered liking Alpine more than MiTek.

Once I dove in, I realized that the MiTek software has come a long way in time that I was out of the field. Because of all the changes in the software and GDI’s practice, I went through a re-familiarization phase. During this phase, I was put through courses provided by MiTek University. These courses were probably some of the most in-depth, play-by-play, software courses that I have ever been exposed to.

In reality, to be a good designer one needs a firm understanding of the tools available. MiTek University provides an amazing amount of information about the software. Everything is covered from simple commands like inputting a wall, to more difficult concepts concerning job settings.

MiTek University provided far more than just re-familiarization. The software program was taught in such a fashion that someone without any previous exposure would be able to navigate the system with very little difficulty. The courses were very effective in this area, but surprisingly they also provided a deeper understanding of truss design.

There is something to be said about being able to flip over to a 3D graphic and see what is going on. There have been a couple of times where I have made design decisions based on the 3D rendering.  For instance, recently I changed a job where I based a heel height on a plan. Changes to heels make a huge difference in the design of a roof and subsequently the design of trusses.

Of course there is much more to design than just the software, but MiTek provides the tools required to get the job done. MiTek University is set up to “hold your hand” while learning the program. It was the best training that I have had for a software program since college. I would definitely recommend that anyone either just getting into the design field or, like me, just getting back into it go through MiTek University to learn the program.


Through the fabulous resource of MiTek University, I have since graduated its courses and am back in the saddle of truss design again. What has MiTek University helped you with?

Ashley Casey – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.