Rescued From the Island and Transformed!

Rescued From the Island and Transformed!

There once was a man who thought he knew something about reading a set of plans. . . . .

As you can guess, that man was me. I have been in and around the realm of construction and building for most of my adult working life. Through these 50 years, I have worn many different hats, in many different trades. However, the role of truss designer never once crossed my mind.

When I was approached with this opportunity, I was a bit apprehensive. I had (note past tense verb) average computer skills in an effort to keep up with our ever-growing technological culture. Then was thrust into a highly complicated engineering software. I was skeptical. I am continually amazed at the capacity and scope of the MiTek software. It is truly mesmerizing to me to see a plan come together in a virtual space!

The group of professionals I am working with is an inspiring group of individuals with a special and unique talent. I count myself truly blessed to be brought into this team. So often, in my experience, I’ve been left to figure things out for myself or not given enough information to finish a task. This team is not stingy with their knowledge or resources; they have been so supportive and patient as I am learning this massive, highly technical new career. All I have to do is ask the question!


Another exceptional benefit to my growth is the fact that the MiTek University website is designed in a manner that takes you step by step in a process which is transforming me into a real-life truss designing machine! I have not yet delved into the deep waters of the engineering aspect of this process. But, I am looking forward to the challenge ahead. As I start this new chapter in training, I feel very confident in the future.

I know I’ve talked about me, myself and I a lot in this article. However, I know I’m not working for a “me, myself and I” company. Maybe MiTek U can teach me how to post a less narcissistic blog post. . . . probably not, but I can design the classroom it would be taught in!

Tim McKnight – Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.