How MiTek University Helped Me Learn Independence

How MiTek University Helped Me Learn Independence


Starting out in MiTek University, I had very limited knowledge about designing building components, actually…none! This amazing tool showed me how to navigate in the software and put me on a path to success. The “U” was very thorough in presenting everything you need to know. Its step by step process really helps in simplifying how to maneuver and work in Sapphire.

Luckily, for me, I have had a fair amount of experience using computers. In school I did some work in animation programs, (2D and 3D). Needless to say, I’ve worked in some programs that can be challenging. But, for people who may not have much experience with computers, it offers the information in a way that makes understanding it very easy.

One of the first things that MiTek University taught me was how to read through a set of plans and locate the information that I will need. It separated it into 6 sections and went into detail for each:

  • Cover Page
  • Foundation Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevation Plan
  • Roof Plan
  • Sections and Details Plan

At the end of each section, it gave you a quiz. This was most welcome. It tested the knowledge I had just acquired and put it into practical application.

From there, I learned how to:

  • Input the layout
  • Create the walls
  • Beams
  • Posts
  • And edit each as specified in the plans

This is something that I learned to take my time and do it correctly instead of trying to do it fast and having to adjust it later.

Afterwards, I was shown how to input and cut the floor containers and roof planes.

It also allowed me to make mistakes and learn how to prevent them. This has caused frustrations for me. Moving the mouse around the page to find the right line to cut the plane for it to only move over the split second before I click and the plane gets discombobulated.

Another area that has caused more frustration is the next one on the list, inputting trusses. As I’m putting the trusses in and I go to make an edit and then, it seems out of nowhere, the trusses wander off of the plane and layout, thankfully that hasn’t happened all too much and I’ve been able to input the trusses correctly. Not only did it teach me how to input trusses, but it identified some of the more basic and common truss types and web configurations, and shapes.

After MiTek University has taught me those things, it then went into VersaTruss and gave me a quick run through on how to design the trusses and use several functions that I will soon learn more about as I continue on in my training.

All of this I learned independently, with the help of the “U”! Sure, I had a mentor. I found with the comprehensiveness of MiTek University, the mentor was only needed when I got stuck on something. The rest was all there, right in front of me waiting to teach me.

What has the “U” taught you? Where did you learn independence?

Dominic Laporte – Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.