How Technology Helped Me Learn a New Skill Set

How Technology Helped Me Learn a New Skillset


With advances in today’s technology, more and more opportunities are becoming available to a wider range of people.  Just a few short years ago, working remotely was rare and limited to a small selection of career choices. With the current technology, I was provided the tools and outlets to learn a new skill set centered on designing wood trusses.  All of my previous experience was related to steel trusses.

The software I’ve learn to use is MiTek Sapphire software.  Sapphire is a very complex system with hundreds of commands.  To think I was able to do this from my living room is pretty amazing.  This is something that was unthinkable 5 years ago. Especially considering I have no prior experience!

The Internet was the main tool I used to accomplish this feat.  With the speed of today’s Internet combined with the data transfer capacity of email, even large engineering files are not a problem anymore.  I was able to receive all the software files needed to learn and work just by opening my email on my laptop.

The learning process is streamlined with the availability of MiTek University.  With just a few clicks it was like having the classroom in my house.  MiTek University provides a portal to a wide variety of learning tools including written materials, videos, and quizzes.  MiTek utilizes technology to present the information in an interactive, intuitive way.

The most beneficial aspect of the current technology comes when I have questions or get stuck.  Using software applications such as Skype and a remote desktop program permitted me to discuss and view items in real-time with a mentor.  Skype gives me access to communicate verbally with a mentor while incorporating remote access so the mentor can see my screen.  The value of this is immeasurable when you are working remotely.  I couldn’t imagine trying to explain some complicated issue with only a phone as a tool. The efficiency gained from these technological advances is remarkable.

Technology has enabled me to accomplish learning a new trade and skill set from my home.  I would not have been able to acquire the knowledge of wood truss design I have without it.  As technology continues to advance, I wonder what new things will be available 10 years from now.

How has technology helped you grow?

Patrick Humphreys – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.