Why Should I Take Courses on MiTek University?

Why Should I Take Courses on MiTek University?

Many of the veteran MiTek users ask themselves this very question. They wonder:

  • What can MiTek University possibly teach me?
  • How will this help my productivity?
  • Why does my boss keep asking me to do this, knowing that it will be a waste of time and money?
  • What’s the point?

As the old saying goes: “You don’t know what you don’t know.” And when you don’t know what’s new, you will never know to use it! Let’s explore what a trainee had to say about this immensely powerful tool:

I know Christopher Gould through the internet, though we have never actually met. I was looking to find a remote job designing trusses and he gave me a chance to do that. Of course, if you want to do something well, first, you must understand it well. That’s why Christopher led me to MiTek University to study update my knowledge base about what I will do in the future.

There are a lot of interesting things in MiTek University. If you first visit this, you will be confused because there are tons of things there and you will not know where to begin. So that’s good for you to ask your mentor what you should study.

According to Christopher’s advice, first, I concentrated on Ribbons and Toolbars.


I had a look at the general concepts and see the functions of each tool in MiTek. After that, I moved to the next section. I was now asked to focus on details. I studied the planes in Sapphire, and the engineer in VersaTruss. I practiced inputting the planes, roof trusses or floor trusses and exporting them to engineering. In MiTek University, these things are explained very clearly. In the courses, among the theory, there will be some exercises or quizzes to do to remember deeply. These were very beneficial.

Maybe you will wonder; how a beginner like me can read a layout and design trusses? Actually, I worked in construction field in nearly 7 years, so I can understand the layout a little more easily. But as a beginner who knew nothing about actually designing trusses, you shouldn’t worry because MiTek University also helps you to read the plan very carefully. Working in different countries, there will be different standards in the requirements. If you want to know more about the standards you will work with, it already exists in MiTek University.

In short, for a new member in truss designing like me, MiTek University is a good school to learn from. It helps me (or you or anyone who wants to work in trusses) from the start, from the basics. But, remember, studying is different from working. You will get more knowledge and experience from doing jobs. Studying without practicing will lead to nothing. Sometimes, you also need your mentor’s consult. You will learn a lot from their advice. About me, I must try more and more to be better in the future. That’s all I want to share with you all and hope it helped bring you some insight!

Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.