Neil Laporte – Project Manager


I am a husband, father to three girls, and a Project Manager that works remotely for Gould Design, Inc. For education, I hold a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering and have previously completed two years of Drafting and Design classes.

In the summer of 2001, I received an offer fill in for the receptionist at the truss company my father and uncle sold trusses for two weeks. After finishing the gig, I took interest in the design aspect, so the next summer, I started as a trainee under the most talented designer at the company. The summer job turned into an on-the-job program for me at school once summer ended. Before trusses, I worked in the field when my father and uncle were framers, so I came into the industry with some knowledge, though limited because of my experience and ability to work with my family because of my age. I steadily increased in experience using Alpine View and MiTek E-Frame.

During the construction downturn, I took a break from trusses to find steady work doing commercial satellite installation and AC installation, among a couple of other various trades. In 2012, I felt a strong desire to find a position-designing roof and floor trusses again, so I landed another truss design job, only this time I was working with MiTek Sapphire. Although, prior experience with MiTek yielded a neutral personal review, Sapphire rekindled the fiery passion for roof and floor trusses. This eventually lead to my position as a remote truss designer among some of the best in the business at Gould Design, Inc.