Crazy and Complicated Truss Designs – Part 6

Crazy and Complicated Truss Designs – Part 6

In the past I have done a couple other blogs on the crazy and complicated things I have designed. See below for links to previous articles. Well recently I completed a job for one of our customers on the West Coast that included some trusses that I can add to my list of crazy things.

The size of the job alone is crazy…almost 500 designs for a total quantity of 1700 trusses! Then throw in some of these seemingly crazy truss designs and you have a rather complicated job to do. Looking at the layout, it does not look to bad, right? Let’s see what some of the profiles look like then!


In the following pictures are a few of these complicated trusses. On them you will notice how they peak “backwards.” We call this an inverted peak. This is because at a lot of places on this roof, there are reverse 3/12 shed roofs. Also, please notice that the same area is cantilevered over 4’.

You will also notice that the top chord on the right end is extended out, with that extension varying between 10” to the 5’ 9” you see below. This is because the trusses are creating the roof over the corridor walkway. The ceiling however, will be framed in the field, as that is where the mechanical units are located.


In these next truss drawing, you will still see the reverse shed roof and cantilever on the left, but you will notice on the right that the top chords cantilever is gone. Instead the entire truss is cantilevered 9’ on the right. Don’t know about you, but that’s a monster cantilever in my book!


Then we have the sloping flat parapet step-down, with a 4’ cantilever on one end and a 5’ cantilever on the other.


Finally for my last example on this job, I wasn’t truly honest when I said the top chord only cantilevers went up to 5’ 9” because in this example you will see that the top chords goes much, much further than that!!!!!!!!!


It seems for me as least that I see something crazy almost once a week. But this one stood out to me and I had to share with everyone. Again I know that these aren’t the craziest or even close to the most complicated that anyone has ever seen, but they sure aren’t your typical run of the mill “cookie cutter” either.

What kind of crazy things have you designed lately?

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Stay tuned for Part 7.

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