How To Create Your Own HotKey Shortcuts In MiTek

How To Create Your Own HotKey Shortcuts In MiTek

Having had the experience to previously work with MiTek University, I already knew how powerful this tool was. From the beginning I saw that is a very handy, powerful and helpful resource. Even though I already knew how to design trusses, I use this because there is always an update or something new in the program that simplifies our work. I ask all my staff to use this as well, requiring that they take the new features courses when there is a software update from a new release. Sometimes we don’t even know it exists until you go to MiTek University and learn how to use it in a proper way.

One of the best examples that I have for you to add value to your performance is how to use the “shortcut” hotkeys. Shortcuts are so important. Some designers and managers do not even know they exist. This baffles me. They can increase productivity due to the simple fact that the designer won’t feel the need to use the icons as frequently. With a simple press of your keyboard, you will have access of number of things that will simplify your design and increase your output.

MiTek comes “out of the box” with pre-set shortcuts in place. Using these can tremendously increase productivity. Below is a visual reference of these hot keys. If you would like this list, simply email me and I would be happy to provide it. You can even customize it to your own liking!


Here is how to assign your own shortcuts. For this example, I have selected labeling the trusses:

1. Go to setup and select program settings.


2. Then go Keyboard Shortcuts and in the right side select collapse all, that will help to find easy and faster the options that you want to assign a shortcut key.


3. Then choose the option that you want to assign the shortcut key, in this case we will assign a shortcut key for labeling trusses. If there any other shortcut remove it first before assign your own. In this case we will remove the one that is there: Ctrl+L.


4. Decide what shortcut to assign, remember choose something that is easy to use for you, in my case I chose letter ‘Y’.


5. Now everything is ready to start using it. Now select Ctrl+L on your keyboard and the labeling is done:


This simple process is something that you can learn by using MiTek University. Just another of the many reasons that, as a manager, you need to build in time into your staff’s schedule to grow.

If you do not have time built into each week for growth, the lost productivity is costing you 5-10 times as much as it would to pay them to learn how to do something they already know a little bit better and more efficiently. Don’t believe me? Give it a try! What have you got to lose other than more productivity?

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design, Inc.

One thought on “How To Create Your Own HotKey Shortcuts In MiTek

  1. The Hot Keys are Great! I use them a lot. I also use the programmable mouse buttons on my mouse to further streamline things by assigning the buttons to already programmed shortcut keys. For example, I have a button that is programmed to be the F2 shortcut key. Instead of reaching for the keyboard I can press the F2 key and make selections all from the mouse.
    Defiantly use the short keys!!!