How Are You Rewarded For Your Performance? Part 3

How Are You Rewarded For Your Performance? Part 3

In every new position you take on you’ll have an adapting period in which the company is looking to see if you are fitting into organization. You are also being evaluated to ensure that this is the kind of challenge you were looking for. As much as the selection process has improved still the “field test” is the best tool for assurance that both parties are the one for each other.

I’ve participated in meticulous selection process and others, well, not so detailed. In both cases I’ve reaped rewarding experiences and still some others were frustrating. What I learned from all those processes is that the working world is as lock-to-key system. You’ll fit in some and not in others, depending on your scores in the screening process.


A key for success

I can tell you from my own experience that Gould Design, Inc. (GDI) has a very specific and accurate method to select its staff of designers evaluating every aspect of the candidate (from moral fiber, to math skills, to 3D skills, to plan interpretation). Since we are working remotely, every aspect should be taking under the scope, especially your ability to follow instructions and asking questions or help.

And part of the process of selection at Gould Design, Inc. is that of seeking for a balance between technical skills and professionalism, compensations must go in the same way. Of course we are here for business, but we need also other kind of compensations either through recognition, promotions or economical improvements.

Gould Design, Inc. understands that success is a street that goes in both ways. Serious efforts and resources have been created and invested in to acknowledge the strengths of every member of the team. This is done so that anyone can fit in, not only as the best designer, but also as a fundamental gear of the GDI organizational machinery. By focusing on the tasks everyone can do best, everyone wins. GDI does not do as most other companies do: Force people into an exhausting adaptation process to overcome weaknesses. The best way to overcome those obstacles is by working on the tasks you can do really and naturally well, and at the same time raising your professional bar to go over limitations as you sum up the progress by going deep into your strengths.

Show me results

And what are the results? From my personal experience, I’ve find a working environment in which I fit (remember the lock/key system?). By using and improving my creative resources, not only for truss design, but also I am getting involved into the development process for the company! Besides, GDI gave me the opportunity to start running my own show. This came with new responsibilities but, also new benefits. I finally found a way to take advantage of my time through proactive planning.

So I’ve been rewarded not only in an economic sense, but also I’ve received recognition and compensation for other skills. GDI encourages me to explode them because that’s a source of mutual benefit. This makes tangible that common expression of “Win/Win”. You know; the scenario that has become hollow words, simply due to the abuse of this familiar that some have made of it.

During the 6 months I’ve been with GDI, I’ve gained balance between my professional and personal life as remote truss design professional. And that control is the consequence of making me aware of new responsibilities and learning to act proactive accordingly. And that’s the best reward I’ve ever received.

In what other ways do you feel compensated? What drives you? Please share your comments.

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Javier Dominguez – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.

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