Your 2014: Did You Just Make Goals? Or Succeed In Accomplishing Them?

Your 2014: Did You Just Make Goals? Or Succeed In Accomplishing Them?

When we look back at our performance in 2014, was it a success? How will 2015 be any different?

Many definitions have been developed over the years for success. Some as clearly as a race of survival and accomplishment for personal desires and benefits. This is the success motored by the classic Gordon Gekko speech from the movie Wall Street, summarized in the sentence: “Greed is good”. Success can be measured on wealth or growing compared to a prior date, etc.

There is also a definition based on no matter the outcome, the importance is placed on making the best effort. So success is related with the inner satisfaction of getting a task done well. Like a Japanese Zen Archer who does the exercise over and over or the non-professional runner who goes to the mayor marathon events with the only aspiration of finishing the race.

Looks like opposite concepts! Is either right?


Neither is right but neither of them are wrong

As usual, extremes are not the best solution. The “Survival Paradigm” can help you to find the safe boat in an emergency. However, we can’t live pushing everything around because it is exhausting ad eventually we will be pushed around too! The “Well Done Paradigm” can be a good inner drive for personal motivation or long tasks like losing weight so it doesn’t matter if you don’t lose a pound in a week.

We indeed can rescue, for the first idea of success is on the tangible side; based on measurable aspects, so this is the way we can know if we are getting close our goals or if we are getting further away from them:

  • How was revenue last year compared with prior one?
  • How was the professional development for the staff?
  • Did the company investment on new technology?
  • What new processes or protocols were added?
  • Did you have any new ideas generating revenue because of that idea?.

If we are not satisfied with the results then perhaps the second idea can rescue us:

  • How well are we performing our tasks?
  • Did we accomplish all our homework?
  • Are we doing our best?
  • Are we focusing on our real strengths?
  • Are we struggling on things we can delegate or subcontract?

So the first concept of Success can help us to keep our feet on ground and the second one to feel the quality of the job we are doing.

Both concepts can be merged

The common aspect for both insights is: Goals. Either we are running our way to the top or just walking around to it, something has to be achieved. A wise man once said “Setting sail on a boat to nowhere is as easy as not having tangible goals.” A clear setting of goals can provide us a proper sight of the road to follow and know when we need to speed up and when we can enjoy the view. Also prevailing threats and acting proactively is a way to merge both points of view because we can set the possible outcome while we decide the best way to proceed.


Also we have to enhance the ability to recognize when a long-term objective becomes a priority and vice versa so we can focus our energy in the proper way and not going around pushing everybody to get on the last safe boat.

How are your progressing on your goals for the near future? Have you determined the priorities? Do you know any tools do so? Please share your thoughts with us. Perhaps we can help you map that destination!

Javier Dominguez – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.