Yet Another Shining Testimonial About The Power of MiTek University

Yet Another Shining Testimonial About The Power of MiTek University

As each design recruit comes along, so do the challenges. Thankfully, there is an enormously powerful solution up to the task of overcoming some of these challenges! Once such solution offered by MiTek is one we affectionately call MiTek University. So many tips, tools and shortcuts can be discovered by the proactive leadership of any truss company through this amazing tool available at your fingertips. But how many actually use it?

How about we hear from some that do:

Let’s hear from: JD Vacey, Design Professional

Those of us in the Component industry know that it can be frustrating when the software we are using is not set up properly or we just spent 2 hours in an informational seminar only to forget some of what was taught because we could not write as fast as the speaker could speak. Previously to my new position, I was a designer for 14  years. However; I had not designed a thing since 2009 due to the Economic Collapse. Although I had some E-Frame knowledge, I was given an opportunity with a remote design company that was partnered with MiTek and started MiTek University (MU) on 10/01/2014. Again I sat in front of my monitor watching videos and reading the pages, falling half asleep and working the prompts as we all would do! Well maybe not all of us! My rebellious side took over and my Idea was to open MU while I had a job open with walls and trusses already designed. As I toggled thru the pages of MU data I also toggled between screens, practicing the prompts in real time .Just so we’re clear I copied the job. I was able to change the default settings and see the actual changes take place. It also showed me how powerful this software really is and how much of it is not used within the industry. On 10/3/2014 my supervisor appointed me a task of a two story house he got it back with minimal issues in 4 hours. Revised it and sent it to the Boss in 2 more. Keep in mind this was just a training job. The fact was that the rust was removed  that quickly was a relief.  My ONLY issue (if you would consider it an issue) would be to set up MU within MiTek “Entities” individually  such as Layout, Engineering , MBA so on and so forth to a learn as you go approach  rather than the typical training exercise. Maybe this creative exercise will enlighten you to try out this powerful tool. I can tell you that without it, I would never have been able to get back into the industry this fast!


Now let’s hear from: Windole Matthews, Design Trainee

I started using MiTek in 2000 as I entered the Building Component industry. I became very familiar with the program as a designer and loved its features because I was able to be an efficient and productive designer. Alpine has been the program I’ve been using since 2003 when I stopped using MiTek. I started hearing about MiTek Sapphire a few years ago from several colleagues of mine as they enjoyed using it. I reached out to Christopher Gould with Gould Design, Inc. this year (2014) to expand my knowledge within the Building Component industry. MiTek Sapphire is the program used by designers at GDI and I figured I would be able to pick up where I left off on MiTek in 2003. I was wrong in every way you can think of! As I installed the program on my computer, I opened it and voila, nothing was familiar to me. I started learning the program modules through MiTek University and it has helped me tremendously. I didn’t think the program could be any better than what it was when I stopped using it. MiTek University has a host of training material for its program and the Building Component industry that I have not found anywhere else. It helps us designers become more productive, efficient, and complete in my opinion. I’m now very comfortable at getting around in the program and being able to do what I need it to do, based on the customers’ requirements. I’ll be using MiTek University as long as it is available.

So there you have it! Two more shining testimonials to the power of MiTek University. If your design team is not using it, then you are spending money you don’t even acknowledge due to inefficiency. I don’t know about you, but I am in the business to make money, not throw it away!

To learn more about MiTek University, click here.

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Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design, Inc.