Crazy and Complicated Truss Designs Part 3

Crazy and Complicated Truss Designs Part 3

The evolution of architecture grows every day with the crazy-complicated becoming the norm and the sane-uncomplicated becoming the rare. For example, a decade ago I remember designing more houses with two or fewer ceiling conditions throughout the entire house, with the occasional house having a run of multiple ceiling conditions tallying higher than two or three.


Homebuyers do not want to see flat, uninteresting, and boring ceilings anymore. However, they do not understand that wanting to see the pretty ceilings that some architects draw, creates a delusional mist of aesthetics by throwing the structurally sound book out the window.




When trusses like the three samples above start to look structurally sound and become normal day routine, we have to ask ourselves a question: Did we as component designers create this giant mess of crazy, complex designs by allowing architects to draw this insanity? Or is this just the natural course of architectural evolution by watching architecture continually push the limits of wood, then eventually break those limits, only to leave us as component designers to find the next possible solution to extending those limits by creative designs?

Hold your lunch! Here are a couple of my favorites from my days past that I designed in Alpine:


We say, “Yes! I can make that work to anything that comes up…” Next thing we know, we have 5-ply girders with bonus rooms carrying pool tables!


We design and build trusses that require webs just to build and ship it, but removed in the field after sheathing and permanent bracing.


We even thread beams through cantilevered floor trusses and discard the 2/3’rds rule to make our customer happy and the architect look like the hero!


Many can argue that computers brought on the crazy and complicated designs, which I must agree upon; however, I believe that many of us component designers love the challenge. We get to design new and fun things, keeping our imagination fresh. We get to unimaginably bend the limits of wood trusses! All this helped increase the crazy and complicated designs to everyday routine, only leaving incredible insanity as the new crazy and complicated.

What will we wake up to see come across our desks tomorrow!

Have you ever done any of these types? Which one is your favorite?

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Neil Laporte -Project Manager

Gould Design, Inc.

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