How To Use “Collections” In MiTek Sapphire To Save Time And Produce Consistent Layouts

How To Use “Collections” In MiTek Sapphire To Save Time And Produce Consistent Layouts

There is a beautiful tool in MiTek than many may not be aware of. It is called “Collections.” This is yet another amazing feature of this show-stopping program we use to design building components. The intent of this article is to show you how to use it. Ready?

We have customers that require multiple notes on their layouts. They also like for our design presentation to be consistent from designer to designer.  This can be done using Collections.   Collections are easy to create, and easy to use.

The way I do it is this:

1. Set Up Location

I like to create a folder called collections to store all my notes, and details that I use on a daily basis.  This saves me time down the road because I have acted proactively. I know there will be things that I am going to type over and over again.

2. Input Information

Once I have that folder set up, I can start putting in the notes.  To do this I create a new job and name what the note is going to be.  I will show you how to do this by creating a “Dormer Framing By Others Detail.”   These steps can also be done in existing jobs if you find yourself using a certain note all the time.  The steps are the same minus the creating a new layout step.

3. Select “Create Annotation” icon


4. Select “Create Collection” icon after creating the note


5. Select Entities

Sapphire will ask you to “Select Entities” to add to the Collections, and to right-click when done.

6. Select Reference Point

After entities are selected, Sapphire will ask you to “Select Reference Point” for the Collection.  I like to put my reference point in the center of the note.

7. Choose Title

After selecting a reference point, the “Save As” dialog box will open.  Choose a title that explains what the note, or object is.  I am going to label my collection “Dormer Framing By Others.”


Now the Collection is all set up and ready for use. Here is how to use it:

8. Select “Insert Collection” icon to use the new Collection


9. Select Collection to Insert

This is brings up the “Open File” dialog box.  Choose the Collection that you want to add.  This will allow you to insert the Collection into your existing Sapphire layout.  The picture below shows the new collection in the layout.


Collections are an excellent way to streamline efficiency when designing in Sapphirw.  Imagine how much time you could save if you had a fully stocked library! Using Collections really speeds up the process of adding notes to layouts.  How do you use collections?  Do you use it for details also? I would like to see how others are using collections to design more efficiently.

Tyler Martinez – Project Manager

Gould Design, Inc.