Upgrading Software: I Lost My Settings! How Do I Get The “Old” MiTek Sapphire Look Back?

Upgrading Software: I Lost My Settings! How Do I Get The “Old” MiTek Sapphire Look Back?

If you are like me, you have been using MiTek Sapphire for years. You have it customized to a unique setup just how you like it, and now it looks different from the “out of the box” install. You have taken the time to configure all the toolbars and buttons in just the right spot where you can access them quickly.

Then your boss comes in and says “It’s time to upgrade out software version” and your heart sinks. Your anxiety heightens hearing those words, because you know from past upgrades that you lost all your customization.

Well if you follow the steps below, you can avoid the irritation you are most certain to feel hearing those dreaded words. You can have your customized version back with a minimal amount of effort. Sound good? OK then, let’s get to it!

So how do we get back the look and feel of the program that we have used for years?


Believe it or not, it is pretty easy and it only requires a few steps. In Sapphire click on “File”, then click “Setup”, and choose “Program Settings” from the list.


The “Program Settings” window will now open. Choose “View & Selection” from the left hand column. On the right hand column scroll down to the “View Reuse” section, and select “NO” for “Use Ribbons”. Now click “OK”.


You will get the message below telling you that Sapphire will be restarted.  Click “OK”. When I did this, it did not restart Sapphire automatically. I had to close it and reopen it manually. Your settings will not be restored until Sapphire is restarted.


When Sapphire reopens, you will have the setup you are used to having. You know, the one you spent all that time configuring.


Voila! Now wasn’t that easy? And you were worried?

Tyler Martinez – Project Manager

Gould Design, Inc.