The Power of Technology to Span Any Distance at Any Time

The Power of Technology to Span Any Distance at Any Time

Technology has changed the face of just about every single thing you can think of. From the most basic business model to the most complex. Computers are in almost every thing you can think of. From assembly lines with robots, all the way to shipping and receiving yards and everything in between. Every business has had to take a good, hard look at how to use it to innovate and become more efficient in its use of technology. Did you know that the Humane Society now puts “chips” in the animals you get from them to identify them and their owners? Well now you do!

In years past, traveling meant potential disaster for entrepreneurs simply because of:

  • Non-productive time traveling
  • Lost hours of communication and potential downtime
  • Distance from co-workers and decision-making processes
  • Loss of “connectivity” to the daily grind

These 4 are merely examples of either late night “catch-up” duties or weekends lost to work, away from the family. There are several more I could list, but these are (in my opinion) the most common ones we all experience.

What a different world it is today. As I sit here in the passenger seat traveling on the interstate, I am not victim to these pitfalls of years past. What a relief this is indeed, as I can use this time to:

  • Remain connected and accessible via mobile phone to my team and customers
  • Access email, text and internet from my mobile phone
  • Having the ability to communicate in real-time, without delay
  • Use WiFi from my mobile phone and connect my laptop using WiFi access
  • Connect to my office computer through my laptop via remote access
  • Use that connection to perform as if I am sitting at my desk

In fact, right now as I type this (on 6/9/2014 @ 7:11pm EST), I am doing all of the 6 items above. Technology has allowed me to harness its potential and get some sleep at night! I am able to use this previously “unproductive time” and earn a dollar or two while traveling 71 miles an hour in a vehicle. In turn, this will allow to me to be present in the moment and spend quality time with my wife and 4 wonderful children.


I have done this type of work using the available technology several times in the past while traveling. I thought of writing an article on this topic many times and never did. But for some reason I was compelled to today. While others may mimic lyrics to their favorite songs, read or even take a nap, I am an entrepreneur! I can’t do that!

Now keep in mind that there are many other opportunities to do this very same thing I mention, such as:

  • Nights in a hotel
  • Sitting in an airport terminal
  • Have a coffee at Starbucks

The list could be endless! Simply amazing is how I would describe this opportunity we are presented with. We can virtually work from anywhere these days. And chances are we will work harder and longer than we would if sitting in the office environment. Technology is allowing us to span over oceans, covering any distance.

However, at the same time please acknowledge that technology could be very dangerous. Texting WHILE driving is illegal in many states (it should be in all!) and has killed many an innocent soul. So has talking on the phone while driving. Seriously, your life is at stake people! What is more important? Your life? Or that phone call/text?

Be warned fellow entrepreneurs, this “Age of Connectivity” that we lived in does not mean you have to be glued to your incoming calls, texts or emails. Technology can be very addictive…if you let it be. Keep your priorities in order. Remember to take time out for family and when you do, turn off the phone! They deserve the best from you and need you to live in the moment. After all, is that not why we are working so hard, to provide for them?

What ways have you found to be productive with technology that you did not have access to before?

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design, Inc.

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