Powerful Construction Collaboration Tool You Should Be Using

Powerful Construction Collaboration Tool You Should Be Using

Imagine if you had access to a tool that you could use to instantly spot revisions or changes to an architectural plan. Would you use it?

What if there was a tool so accessible that everyone working within the construction process had access to the same file and could update the plans instantly. Would you give it a try?

Before you say no, consider these 5 questions:

  1. How many times (that you know of) have you completed the design on a project to find out you were not even using the most current set of plans?
  2. Has your firm ever made revisions to a project, based on a verbal conversation, only to find out later that the instructions were incorrect or misinterpreted?
  3. Or worse, what if you made the changes based on a verbal discussion and then someone denies ever having asking for those changes?
  4. Have you ever compared two sets of plans, each containing 200 pages, looking (and hoping) to identify the all differences in each one?
  5. What if during that “search” of the plans, you missed something important that changed, which made a significant difference in cost?


Unfortunately, nearly every component manufacturer, general contractor and design professional has experienced one or more of these. The time spent, the effort wasted and the incorrectly built product all equal lost profits.

Well, technology has provided a powerful solution to this age-old problem. This tool is called “Bluebeam Revu”. This amazing resource can save tens of thousands of dollars if it is used to its fullest capacity.

Bluebeam Revu allows technical professionals the opportunity to share the same PDF file, allowing all parties with access the ability to make revisions and collaborate from the same file. Finally! An affordable tool that everyone can use and stay on track.

A brief overview of Bluebeam Revu:

  • PDF file has changes that need to be made is uploaded to the “cloud”
  • The PDF is shared with all parties involved
  • Appropriate access granted to each party pertaining to what can be edited
  • PDF is “marked up” with comments, indicated by clouding or highlighting
  • Changes are applied by the appropriate party
  • Shared parties are notified that the file has been edited
  • Changes appear in obvious fashion that can be quickly recognized
  • File is accessed anywhere from the office to the job site from a desktop to a mobile device

Using this tool, you can say goodbye to those tedious and often inconvenient face-to-face meetings which require time away from the office and your priority list. You will get “real-time” results without the added expenses of time away, travel or luncheon engagements. Google is already using the same concept with Google Docs and it works beautifully.

Imagine the power of this gem, put into your very own hands. How much time could you save on a multi-family project? How much money could be saved? How many errors would simply not occur?

The last thing the owner of the project wants to hear is “we missed something” or “you project is delayed” due to some preventable circumstance. A tool like this could be the answer you are looking for to get things done efficiently.

Here are 3 suggested uses for building component manufacturers:

  1. Collaboration tool with Architects to identify problem areas and make suggestions
  2. Communication tool with Engineers during the design process
  3. Efficiency tool with the builder during the approval process

This all leads to less errors, more profit and increased sales opportunities for your salesman. No more paper shuffling or lost approvals or coffee stained plans!

Bluebeam is offering a 30 day free trial. Visit www.bluebeam.com/accelerate today and give it a try. What have you to lose by trying this amazing tool? I can tell you what you have to lose by NOT trying: your profits. What are you waiting for?

NOTE: For the record, I am promoting this for no benefit of my own, with no kickbacks or affiliations. I am hoping to save your company time and money and simply want to raise awareness to our readers, many of whom will identify with the issues discussed above.

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design, Inc.