How to Convert PDF to AutoCAD with Able2Extract PDF Converter

How to Convert PDF to AutoCAD with Able2Extract PDF Converter

CAD drawings are becoming increasingly complex, loaded with data, text and vector images. CAD programs like AutoCAD by AutoDesk used for CAD drafting and producing building and constructions plans and designs are an important tool in an architect’s or designer’s toolbox.

When it comes to sharing and sending CAD drawings to various project stakeholders, they are very often shared as PDFs. The main reason for this is that PDFs can be opened and viewed on any platform, without having the source program used for creating the drawing installed.

Despite these benefits of the PDF, its major drawback is that the file format can’t be edited. So, if you want to make changes to a drawing locked in a PDF or edit the file itself, you will need a PDF Converter with an option for converting PDF to DWG/DXF. One such tool, intended for professional AutoCAD users, is Able2Extract by Investintech.

If you want to give it a try and see how it converts PDFs to AutoCAD formats, here is a quick, four-step guide:

1. Run the software installed on your computer and open the PDF file that you want converted to either DXG or DXF:


2. Select the content for conversion. You can choose to convert the entire file by clicking the All icon, or simply extract a vector graphic or any other part of the PDF drawing by clicking Area and pinpointing the content that you want converted.


3. Choose the AutoCAD conversion option by clicking the AutoCAD icon:


This opens the Convert to AutoCAD dialog, where you can customize your conversion output with just a few clicks and start working on the drawing in moments.


You can choose your preferred AutoCAD format (DWG or DXF), specify the color palette (Standard black and white or RGB), and set additional options like scaling, polyline width and so on. To speed up your future PDF to AutoCAD conversions, check the box Keep current settings so you don’t have to do it the next time you run Able2Exract.

Finally, click the Convert button, and that is it. Your PDF content will be transferred into the specified AutoCAD format and you can start working on it immediately, because Able2Extract converts drawings directly into layers that you can work with right after the conversion process.

The first time you open a PDF drawing in Able2Extract, you will be pleasantly surprised with the high quality view of even the most intricate 2D data and the ability to zoom in on graphics and text. This is due to the advanced proprietary viewer built in the software. To give the software a try, go ahead and download the free trial version here.

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4 thoughts on “How to Convert PDF to AutoCAD with Able2Extract PDF Converter

  1. I continue to get an error when I try and save the converted file off and it will not save. Is this an issue with a lot of the pdf files?

    The error states PCV error.

    Function: Investintech::PCV::PDF2Document::PDF2Document
    Line: 9140

  2. I tried the Free Trial version and concluded after multiple errors that in my opinion this is Garbage. It does produce millions of single line objects if the PDF was generated originally from an AutoCAD drawing, but hand drafted work, no good at all.