What Do You “STRIVE” For?

What Do You “STRIVE” For?

Is it fame? Wealth? Honor? Popularity? Respect? Success? Approval? Sportsmanship? Relationships? Perhaps it is a combination of things? The list of what we, as individuals strive for, is nearly endless. Personally, I strive for excellence in all that I do. The people in my life deserve that. Spiritual, family and business (in that order) relationships are at the core of my focus. I made up this acronym to help me remember what to focus on when I am getting off track:



Responsibility for


Values of


A large part of my core value system that I live by is, yes, you guessed it, service. If you seek to serve others like I do, then striving for excellence would seem to be totally natural. At least it is to me. As a person who lives by spiritual principles, a father of 4 and an entrepreneur, settling for anything but excellence is unacceptable.


Spiritual: My Creator has given me the gift of life and a set of laws for me to meticulously follow, to carry out with joy and enthusiasm. One way I do this is by performing mitzvahs. These mitzvot (commandments) cover every aspect of every imaginable situation. Anything but excellence is simply inferior. How could I strive for anything BUT excellence?

Family: I have been blessed with a loving wife and 4 healthy vibrant children. They deserve excellence both in emulation and application. One way I do this is by trying to give each individual what they express they need, not what I think they need. This is very rewarding to both myself and to them. Why WOULD I consider anything except excellence?

Business: Like many others out there, my business model is all about service. It’s only natural, given my core value system. Being in a very small, tight-knit industry where everyone knows everyone else, anything except excellence just will not suffice. My customers deserve the best service they can find. One way I do this is to insist that each client empty out their head on paper and provide a specific set of design criteria for us to follow. Without this criterion, we simply will not accept any work from them. Why would my customer WANT anything except excellent service?

By using this simple, easy to remember acronym, it has helped me to stay focused. After all, I am human and I get distracted. We all do. For me, the key is to recognize this AS a distraction and get back on track with my core values. Anything except excellence simply will not do!

How do you as a person “STRIVE”? How does your company “STRIVE” to provide value?

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design, Inc.