Are You Always Doing Your Best?

Are You Always Doing Your Best?

Unfortunately, there are times when we don’t quite put forth our best effort. We are short on time, our heart is not “into it”, we are tired, etc., etc. The list is nearly endless of the excuses we can tell ourselves.


I love this story, as it really helps with this thought.

A man named Bob was ready to retire after a successful, yet long and back-breaking tenure as a General Contractor. He had spent the last 45 years working for the same company, under the direction of Mr. Smith.

Bob was approached by Mr. Smith and was asked if he could oversee one last project. Bob said “Yes”, even though he knew that he did not have it in his heart, to take on this project.


Bob’s project was a house, and Bob hurriedly worked on the house until it was completed. Once finished, it looked wonderful on the outside. No one but Bob knew that he took many short cuts to the inside work of the house. The plumbing, electrical and other hidden wires and pipes were not completed properly.

Mr. Smith visited the house, to perform a final inspection. After the one hour, very detailed inspection process, it looked great, and the house passed. This is when Mr. Smith announced a surprise. He said “As a thank you,  for your 45 years of  excellent service and commitment to our company, We would be honored if you accepted this house as a gift.”

Bob felt so many emotions all at once. Some positive, some negative. He thought to himself “had I known this was going to be my house…”, as well as many other similar type thoughts. He was very grateful at the thought of the gift, and bewildered at the same time!


So, the moral of this story is to always do your best!

There is a difference in perfection vs. doing your best. Bob’s house was not perfect but it always was not his best. It is more important to be a better person, when no one is looking, than who you are when people are watching.

Are you giving your best effort on each and every task assigned to you?

Naida Gould – Owner

Gould Design, Inc.