Professional Development – Truss Design A Trick My Day Job Never Taught Me That GDI Did – Part 5

Professional Development – Truss Design A Trick My Day Job Never Taught Me That GDI Did – Part 5 

After joining Gould Design, Inc. in 2013, I was excited for what lay ahead. Of course, the thought of “what can they possibly teach a seasoned veteran like me” was looming. Boy was I in for a surprise! I was enrolled into GDI’s Professional Development program to prepare me for their customer’s expectations and to improve my skill set. Along with learning new building codes and practices it is important to learn the most effective way of working remotely. I had never worked from home before and did not understand how much of a difference this would be and how it would affect me. This article is a reflection of some of the challenges that GDI helped to overcome and learn to excel at.

Building Codes and Practices

Originating from a single company background and moving in to a multi-regional and multi-national operation is quite the learning curve. GDI’s Professional Development program teaches the different codes and regional building practices. This equips the designer with great knowledge to be proficient in multiple areas. The expertise I am exposed to on a daily basis exceeds anything I have ever seen before in my career.

Working Remotely & Self-Motivation

Working from a home office can be thought of as a rather solitary existence. At GDI however, we’re encouraged to engage with our fellow designers if we have any questions or queries and to resolve any issues that we may have. Although we work separately, we have a great team and support system to assist in times of need. Self-motivation is a key aspect of becoming a successful remote designer and GDI coaches us on the best ways to achieve this. I find that sticking to a set routine and keeping in contact with the team always helps to keep me motivated. After all, this is the age of “connectivity” right?

Expanding & Learning new Skills

At GDI we are constantly learning and growing. Professional Development is the key. Whether it is learning about new customers’ design standards, products, software or even developing skills in a new work area such as sales or marketing. I think that it is always beneficial to constantly expand the mind and learn new things for one’s self and the company. With team member evaluations every 30 days for new team members, this is an amazing way of constantly analyzing areas to improve on. No company has ever put forth this much effort to my personal growth.

Entrepreneurship & Input

Entrepreneurship and input from the design team is actively encouraged within GDI. If a designer has an idea which could help the business grow, the management are always keen to hear the new ideas. This instills an entrepreneur’s mind-set, allowing a creative approach to work. For example, in 2014, the GDI team collectively wrote the business plan for the year. Has your leadership ever allowed your input like this?

In the short period of time that has passed since I joined GDI, I have learnt more than I have in years. I believe that GDI has not only helped me to achieve more as a designer but also as a person. Working here, I feel like a valued employee rather than just a number and I eagerly look forward to the exciting prospects that lie ahead. I look forward to climbing the ladder that leads to my full potential.


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