Do You Really Have What It Takes To THINK?

Do You Really Have What It Takes To THINK?

I was introduced to an acronym that has helped me and I thought it may help you. It is a word we are all familiar with and (hopefully) do every day. I am referring to “THINK”. This is not a new concept, is it? Probably not, since I was able to find several graphics while searching for one to accompany this post.


You can use this slogan to help you curb your tongue. It helps you to “think“ before you speak. You never know where those words will end up.

Are your words?






At times, we tend to speak what is on our minds, when he should be using our words to help others. As a famous story in the Talmud relates, speaking bad, mean, or negative words can be associated with a feathers in a pillow. The story goes like this:

A man spoke gossip to many people about the wisest man in his village.

Sometime later, the man who gossiped wanted the wise man to forgive him. So he asked the wise man: “What can I do to show you that I am sorry for what I said about you?”

The wise man told him: “There is one thing you can do. Take a pillow full of feathers. Cut it open, and let the wind take the feathers.”

The man did not know the reason for that, but he did what the wise man asked him to do. Later, he returned to the wise man and asked him: “Do you forgive me now?”

The wise man said: “First, go and find all the feathers.”

The man said: “But that is very difficult. The wind blew the feathers everywhere. I cannot find them anymore.”

Then, the wise man replied: “Just as the feathers went to many places; your gossip went to many people. And just as you cannot find the feathers, you cannot make people forget what you said.”


The lesson is crystal-clear. We cannot change what we say after we say it. Just like you cannot know where your words will land, you can never envision how they can hurt someone’s feelings.

My son’s youth group held a visual, hands-on activity based on this story. The leaders opened a pillow filled with feathers. The feathers were then spread all over the room. The children were asked to find and pick up all the feathers.  The children were not able to find all the hidden feathers. Months, later, we are still finding feathers behind chairs, in the ceiling fan, and in other spots that were unseen previously.

Please be very careful, with what words come out of your mouth. Words can be daggers that hurt people. OR words can be helpful, inspiring, and loving. The choice is yours! THINK-kind

So, before you say it, just THINK!

Naida Gould – Owner

Gould Design, Inc.