Preparing For What’s Next in Truss Design

Preparing For What’s Next in Truss Design

 Whether you are preparing for an economic slowdown as what happened back in 2008 or preparing for an economic recovery; the answer is the same, you need to create a game plan.  The good news is things are beginning to pick up; however, when to hire and to train new staff becomes a key question. Additionally, no one really knows if the recovery we are starting is long-term.  When you consider the uncertainty of a healing economy and the immediate need to capture income, your hidden answer may be as simple as looking at Remote Design Firms, also known as Off-Site.

Is your staff truly providing the amount of value you are compensating them for?

Let’s face facts; there are only a certain number of factors you can control, labor being the most expensive. However when business is coming in your in house design staff appears to be necessary even if it consumes a large part of your budget each month. The challenge is what happens when the work is not there? On the other hand you may be able to design a job at a loss, just to get the project. Even so, how effective or how long can you afford to play such a dangerous shell game with your business? Either way you have to continually invest company resources to sustain your design staff. During the down turn you probably have let good designers go or have reduced hours to meet budgets. Why not let someone else be burdened with the expense of developing staff? As with most businesses, you must bid the project in order to gain the order.

Are you maintaining your bid to order ratio with a downsized staff?


SBCA research shows how inflated design costs hemorrhage overall business growth.  

Remote Design, in the beginning was filled with “designers” who were doing the very basics to get by. Considering how many came from large firms who downsized them and now these designers had to start fending on their own in a slowing market, is there any wonder why so many were known for  being a “one man show”  or got started in a business they had little to no preparation to begin? This resulted in many who lack professionalism, licensing rights and, more times than not, are not even insured! There could not be any more truth to the old saying “You get what you pay for” in this field of the industry. Why would any company run with integrity want to contract out work to the non-insured? Think of this situation like that of an uninsured motorist, where if there is an accident, both parties suffer greatly. It just doesn’t make any sense.

Fortunately not all Remote Design Firms are the same.

Facts about remote design firms:

  • Design firms employ design professionals that work longer, harder and later in the day, than those in the office
  • They are more productive, more flexible & more eager than in-house staff
  • They are more accessible (believe it or not)
  • By using GDI, you will save up to 40%, compare to what you are paying now

One of the most dreaded duties of an owner or manager is the hiring process. Endless stacks of resumes to comb through, searching for the perfect candidate for your operation. Companies will realize that by utilizing remote design firms they incur no cost, no ongoing expenses, no obligation for work amount. The alternative is to go through the time and expense of posting a job opening, interviewing candidates, hiring and training new employees. Why waste your efforts and resources, hoping the new-hire grasps everything, blends in and does not make too many mistakes? If there were only a way to get the benefits of an experienced design staff without the expense that is sure to come with it.

Well there is!  Gould Design, Inc. can be your experienced design staff without the ongoing expenses of training and maintaining. Gould Design, Inc. is a family owned company that has been partnered with MiTek since 2009. With over 250 years combined of component design experience, we are licensed and insured. By utilizing Gould Design, Inc. you only pay for the design fees when you utilize the design staff.  No longer do you have to carry a full time design staff anticipating a growth in your business.

Gould Design, Inc. extensively screens their designers to ensure only the best in the field come into contact with your project. Experienced truss designers handle truss projects, wall panel designers handle panel projects and so on. We even have Professional Engineers at our disposal, as well as Architects. No longer do you have to settle for a middle of the road, catch-all designer.


• No overhead costs

• No more overtime

• Reduced operating costs

• No continual training costs

• Larger profit margins

• Over 250 years of experience combined

• No workman’s comp

• Opens up more doors for market share, turn your salesman “loose”

• No fringe benefits (401K/IRA)

• Multitude of experience in the USA, Canada, Europe & beyond


• No payroll obligations

• Fully licensed company

• Highly trained staff

• “As-Needed”/”On-Call” basis

• Fully insured company

• Unlimited capacity

• Consistent, cost-effective, optimized designs

• Potential to sell NEW products/services to clients

I have attached a link here for a video testimonial from GDI’s business coach, David Josephson. For more information on The Growth Coach, click here. We are dedicated to providing you, our client, with the highest quality service possible. Our commitment to coaching and developing our staff should serve as a sign of our commitment in providing your company exceptional service. With Gould Design, Inc. you have the best in the field of design working on your individual project.

Now that you know how to save you’re a tremendous amount of company money and have an experienced, professional design staff at the same time, visit GDI’s website here for a personalized program. Get set up today, so you can be ready when the demand comes! What are you waiting for?

I look forward to hearing back from you today. Don’t turn down that next project!

Christopher Gould

President – Gould Design, Inc.

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