How To Release Your Hidden Talents

How To Release Your Hidden Talents

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ― Albert Einstein

I just LOVE this quote! Genius can be measured all different scales. We are all a genius in our own right!

Everyone is unique and has special talents. The secret is to help other’s the find their genius! We all have strengths.

You can find a new talent at any age. Grandma Moses didn’t paint until she was almost 90. Elvis Presley was a talented musician. Michelangelo was an exceptional artist. Babe Ruth excelled at playing baseball.

As a child, my parents exposed me to many hobbies. I took gymnastics, art lessons, piano, magic lessons. Their theory was the more they exposed me to different types of hobbies and talents, the more I would learn about me and my likes.


“When you realize who the good people are in your life, you’re so lucky.” ― Sophia Bush

The following is something I found on wikiHow, called: How to Discover Your Talents

1. The first thing you have to do is to live in the moment. Never worry for what had happened and don’t fear what has to happen. Enjoy the uncertainty of your life.

2. Don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone has some talents in their blood. Try to realize that all of us have some unique skill sets and personality traits that give us high competence in some areas.

3. Face your fears. If you face your fears you may come up with an idea of your hidden talent. If you want to dance just go and dance. Don’t restrain yourself from doing what your inner heart says.

4. Start the thing now. Don’t be shy. You don’t need to be great to start; but you must start to be great. Everyone starts somewhere. Start small and give it your all.

5. Never quit. Unleash your true potential.

6. Don’t sit at home, watching T.V. or surfing the net. It may be useful but it may never help you to find your talents nor give strength to face difficulties.

7. Try new things you never know where your hidden talent will be; hence the word hidden.

And above all, be yourself; don’t worry what people will think of you. Have confidence in yourself. Show your talent to everyone! You are you and that’s all that you need to be, if you want a talent don’t act like professionals do with theirs. Talk to your friends and ask them what they like about you.

The secret to life is to appreciate and learn from people who are around us. We must find the genius in all of G-d’s children. Help find a friend’s talent. You might discover your own in the process!

“Be yourself, fill your life with good people, and don’t get a big head. It can all be gone tomorrow.” ― Molly Sims 

I was informed that “Life begins 3 steps outside your comfort zone.” This is absolutely true. You need to get out of your daily comfortable routine and start to enjoy life and to live it up. We only have one chance at this life!

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