6 Skills We All Need To Succeed In All We Do

6 Skills We All Need To Succeed In All We Do

In today’s fast-moving and competitive world, life is very complex and continually changing. Unfortunately, only “Successful Learners” will adapt and overcome these obstacles. What does “Successful Learners” actually mean? Well allow me to explain, it’s not just enough to be smart you need to strive to get smarter.


Here are some skills that have been adopted today’s youth.

1. Be Realistic: You need goals that are attainable and are not difficult to accomplish. You can’t expect to be a millionaire in six months. A more attainable and realistic goal would be that in six months be making $1000 per month. Set the “bar” low, so you always have room to improve. Not only will this allow you to have a feeling of accomplishment when you exceed your goal, it will boost your confidence.

2. Be Motivated: We MUST experience setbacks. We also need to learn to stay optimistic despite these setbacks. You need to find that “spark” that makes your drive to succeed sustainable. As humans we need to be able to become more resilient to overcome our difficulties. For me I always think of my family in rough times. This always motivates me to do the things necessary to succeed.

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3. Improve your communication skills: We all (hopefully) graduated high school and know how to speak, but do we know how to speak effectively?  Do we know how to listen, or are we just waiting for our turn to speak? To improve our communication skills we need to improve our concentration, attention span, verbal and non verbal skills. By increasing our attention span we are able to receive more information. This information is processed into verbal or non verbal communication skills. Verbal skills are defined as our ability to listen, speak, read, and write. Our non verbal skills are defined as visual gestures, body language and touch.  Both of these help us convey our feelings and our thoughts.

4. Be more self-aware: Learning to understand our emotions and to discover our strengths and weaknesses is vital in both developing our self-esteem and setting us up for success. Our self-esteem starts developing the day we are born.  A strong self-esteem is the key to succeeding in all we try to accomplish in life.

5. Have empathy and good social skills: As humans we are dependent on others around us to help us survive. We also need to learn to become sensitive to the feelings and emotions of those around us. By doing this we can set ourselves up for success. Good social skills means to learn to avoid following others poor decisions. By doing this we become an effective and successful leader which in turn helps us become successful in our endeavors. Remember, without the farmer, we all starve!

6. Have a positive attitude: To me this is the key. Without a positive attitude you cannot develop a strong self-esteem. You see being positive about what you do and where you do it is essential to success. We need to be able to distinguish between the occasional “bad day”  at work and being a “negative Nancy”.  The “negative Nancy” tends to be less productive and also drags down the entire team.  If you are positive and express your positivity you will encourage those around you to be productive and happy.  Remember do  not see the problems, see the solutions. This attitude is contagious.


If you follow these six simple steps you can improve your chances of success in everything you try. Aren’t you worth taking the time to put in the extra effort?

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Adapted from “How to Master a New Skill,” Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review online HBR Blog Network.

Bill Clemmer- Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.