5 Steps to be Proficient with Technology: The Wave of the Future with a Splash of the Past

5 Steps to be Proficient with Technology: The Wave of the Future with a Splash of the Past


Recently I was reminded of 2 things.

  • That my children are growing up
  • They are growing up in a technological world

You see my laptop was acting up and I was at a loss. In my daily walk time, my 10-year-old and asks me what is wrong. So I tell her that my laptop was acting up. When we got home, wouldn’t you know it she walked right over looked at the laptop and within a few clicks she had fixed it! I was amazed, but also a little bit humbled. It was then that I had the realization that today’s youth know more about computer and gadgets than most adults.

That was quite a wakeup call for me. So I sat down and thought about it. I graduated high school 20+ years ago (I am revealing my age now!). I remember the beginning of a new corporation named Macintosh. Little did I realize then that the “Apple” would revolutionize the world.

If you are “technologically challenged” like myself, let me tell you how I have tried to overcome this. I have 5 easy steps that I have adopted to make it less frustrating. They are as follows:

1.       Mental preparation

I have found that your mindset is one of the most critical components to a smooth and successful transition.  If you are like me and tend to resist change and tend to drag your feet. Like me, you will realize that you will create a miserable transition to technology. Go into this new transition and experience with the awareness that you must invest a little extra time to learn how to properly operate your new technology. This will save you from getting a huge headache. It will also allow you to overcome your biggest challenge: Being in “reactive” mode instead of “proactive”.

2.       Do your research

Ask yourself these questions: What do I really need? What exactly am I going to use this technology for? What exactly do I want it to do? Once you answer these questions then you can wade through the endless sea of technology out there. By doing detailed research and speaking with technology experts you can be armed when you go to purchase that new gadget. Not every new item is useful to everyone. That’s why they make so many different types and variations!

Visit http://www.consumerreports.com for more information about tech shopping.

3.       Get the extended warranty

Yes I said it. Pay the extra money.  In my experience, the warranty is extremely worthwhile. You make think that nothing can happen to my new shiny gadget. Well let me tell you, this is far from the truth! There are so many ways that things can go wrong. By paying this money you can save yourself money in the long run. This piece of paper can assure that you are buying with a sense of peace. Isn’t your peace of mind worth a few extra dollars to prevent a hassle? If you have ever been stranded on a trip without a “Triple A” Motor Club (AAA) service, you know what I mean. You cannot put a price on lost time.

4.       Read the manual

If you are like me, then I know what you will say. “I am a man I don’t need to read the manual.” Well let me assure you that the manual will help save a lot of money and expenses in the future.  By taking the time to flip through the pages of the owner’s manual can help you avoid hours of frustration in the future. Your time and effort should be focused on growing and expanding your business, not worrying about the sudden death of your new business tool. Time spent wisely now is time not squandered later!

5.       Ask Google

It is extremely easy to take for granted the nearly infinite source of answers that you have at your fingertips. Simply put, If you’re stuck then ask Google. By doing this I can almost guarantee that you will find that someone else has suffered the same problem as you. Between YouTube and other social media you will find videos and tutorials walking you through your problem.

Log into: http://www.google.com for more information

So there you have my steps to trying to make it in a technology based business environment. I hope these few steps will help you like they have helped me. What other tips have you found that may be useful?

Bill Clemmer- Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.