How To Share MiTek Sapphire Files With Apple iOS Users

How To Share MiTek Sapphire Files With Apple iOS Users

I know that I have had trouble in the past explaining to framers and customers how a job is supposed to fit together, and I’m sure I am not alone in this as a designer. I have even had to go to job sites with a laptop on occasion to show customers 3D views of their jobs, to help them understand. Times have changed though and we have technology at our fingertips.

In May of 2012, MiTek created a 3D viewer for Apple iOS devices. Sadly, not many people know about it! Using this viewer is a very simple and incredibly helpful process for everyone involved. This powerful tool can be a huge problem-solver.

Let me explain how it is used:

1. Start by opening the file you want to share in Sapphire.


2. You will need to “Set Collaboration Rules in order to share your file.  A password needs to be set.


3. Next attach the MMDL layout, and email it to who you want to share it with.

4. The MiTek Sapphire App will need to be downloaded from iTunes App Store.


5. Open the email, and click on the attachment.  Choose the Open in Viewer option.


6. This will open the MiTek Sapphire program on the iOS device.


7. The App also has the ability to change visibility settings.


I have really enjoyed using this App recently, and I think you will too. It allows me to work anywhere, anytime. How many times have you gone home from work at the end of the day and thought of something that may have been questionable in design? Well now you can have a quick look while it is fresh in your mind.

This is such a valuable resource to share with your customers. What other things would you like to share with your clients? Comment below so I have ideas for my next blog post!

Tyler Martinez – Design Professional

Gould Design, Inc.

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