The Six Pillars of Teamwork

The Six Pillars of Teamwork


To be quite honest I had never heard anything about “The 6 Pillars of Teamwork” concept prior to this week. I was amazed when I saw this posted at my daughters school on a bulletin board. To know that this is being taught to the youth of this school made feel proud and extremely happy. That bulletin board inspired me to write this and share it to the world.

As a small business owner there are things that I take very seriously. One of these is teamwork. Without teamwork nothing can be accomplished in today’s society. These “Six Pillars” can and do help a person succeed. They also propel a company to greatness. Let me elaborate in detail.

1. Trustworthiness: Wow, what a big word. To be truly trustworthy a person, or company, you must be honest and have personal integrity. You must also stand by your word. You must ALWAYS have the courage to do the right thing. It is imperative that you stand by not only your family, but your friends and coworkers as well.


2. Respect: To obtain respect, one must give respect to others. I believe in following the “Golden Rule”. You must also be tolerant and accepting of each individual’s unique differences. No two people are the same. As a good teammate, you should also learn to deal peacefully with anger, insults and disagreement. Unfortunately these have become a common place in today’s society.


3. Responsibility: How I view this word is twofold. The first is to treat each teammate with decency. By doing this you will create respect not only for yourself, but your company as well. You see it takes a special person to obtain special goals and results. The second part is to be self-disciplined. This helps to keep you balanced and in control. In doing so, you will have others look up to you and try to emulate you.


4. Fairness: You should try to set the example for others to follow. You should always strive to be an open-minded individual. As a business you should not take advantage of others. As I was taught by my parents, always treat people fairly and it will come back to help you in the future.

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5. Caring: This goes a long way in all you do. Please always be kind to others no matter how they treat you. Be truly compassionate and show that you care. If a co-worker seems down try to help them by listening. Sometimes this helps them more than you realize. Also do not forget to express gratitude to your fellow coworkers.


6. Citizenship: As a member of society it is up to us to do our part. What I mean by this is to always do your share to make your community and company a better place. Make it enjoyable for your coworkers to come to work every day. Respect authority, and be a good neighbor. Also try to volunteer your time and talents with others. This shows that you not only are a caring person but that you are a great “American”.


Well there you have it. These “Six Pillars” will not only help your company establish itself, but they will make you a person that others around you want to be more like.

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And special thanks to the students and staff of Audubon Elementary School, Merritt Island Florida!!

Bill Clemmer – Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.

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