Bill Hoover – Operations Manager


I am a resident of Louisville, KY – married with two children 15(boy) and 12(girl).

I grew up outside of Boston, MA in the historic town of Concord, MA.  Graduated from Concord-Carlisle HS in 1988.  Was involved with sports during high school – cross country, track and swimming.  Also a member of the marching and concert bands where I played the drums.

Attended Purdue University 1988-1992.  Majored in engineering.  Met my wife.  Upon graduation worked for small IT firm in the Boston area doing some database development.  Moved to Indiana in 1994 and worked for a lumber yard and truss manufacturer as truss designer.  Got married in 1994 as well.   We moved to Louisville in 1995 and I worked for Kintec LLC as a truss designer.  Was with Kintec until 2003 – they went through some financial troubles and so has to jump ship and worked for Stock Building Supply.  After Kintec got back on their feet, they lured me back as design manager in 2005.

In 2012 I began working with GDI as a design professional on a part time basis focusing on the Canadian market.

As of June 2015, I am now a full time member of the GDI team and have taken on the role of design manager.  In January of 2017, I stepped into the lead role of Operations Manager. I look forward to this new challenge and to help make GDI a stronger company.

My interests include golf, running, playing the drums, chasing the kids around.