Without the Farmer, No One Eats! Why Success is Contingent Upon Teamwork

Without the Farmer, No One Eats! Why Success is Contingent Upon Teamwork

Have you every stopped to consider what our world would be like without the farmer? Rather than sip on our coffee in the morning before driving to work in the office, we would be strapping on our boots, preparing for a day in the hot sun. All this just to be able to eat the food we need to survive. Do we understand how vital the farmer’s role is?


In this day and age of “instant gratification” and drive-thru’s, we tend to forget about the most important people in the world that we may never have the privilege to meet. Without the food the farmer provides we could not survive. Would it surprise you to know that agriculture accounts for more than 50% of global economy? For more info on that, click here.


Have we given any thought to how that meat reached the deli? How those fresh vegetables arrived in the produce section of the grocery store? How the milk ended up in the jug? Our very survival relies upon hard-working dedicated people working sunset-to-sundown. Farmers are the perfect example of the unsung hero.

Imagine for a moment what life would be like if you went to the grocery store to find the shelves nearly empty, only stocked with things you could not imagine eating. How would you react? Try to envision the line waiting for the food delivery and the pandemonium that ensues when it arrives. Conceptualize just how quickly that truck would empty and how much people would be willing to pay for its contents.

Why am I bringing all this up? For 2 reasons:

  1. I want to show my gratitude toward the farmer
  2. I want to stress the importance of teamwork

You see, farming is not a very glorious profession, yet it is absolutely necessary. They are the unsung heroes is any society. The most awesome team player in the world is the farmer. Let’s take a moment to define what “team” means with this acronym:






We are all aware of this word. But what comes to mind. Let me guess…sports, right? Well team really means working as part of a cohesive unit. When the team succeeds, everyone wins. In sports, the coach is the one who gets all the glory (or the blame). In business it is the salesperson. In the school system, it is the principal. In government, it is the President. You get the idea.

The common thread here is that they are all leaders of their respective organizations. Yet, without their team, they are nothing more than an individual with a title. Their success is totally contingent upon their team. Without the seemingly invisible team members, prevailing is not possible.

The training and development of the leader’s team is the key factor in this equation. When education and professional development become a focal point, success is a near guarantee. Have you ever started a new job in a new field? What was the first thing that you were asked to do? Training!

But what about our friend, the farmer? A good portion of the farmers you will find at the “farmers market” are family owned and operated. The team is themselves. They support each other. And what of their success? Well that is up to you. Support them. Purchase their products. Your local economy depends on you spending your hard-earned dollars in it.

Not only is it a better value, it’s a great feeling to meet the farmer just to be able to say thank you. At the grocery store, you will only find the “perfect fruit”, meaning one that is large and visually appealing with as few blemishes as possible. Well I am here to tell ya, the smaller fruit has more taste! Try it and see.

So in case my point hasn’t been understood, let me convey it a different way, in a variety of languages…THANK YOU!


Thank you to all the farmers in the world who allow each and every one of us to enjoy by doing a seemingly thankless job for minimal profit. Without your amazing teamwork skills, I would not exist. My existence is dependent upon your success.

Christopher Gould – President

Gould Design, Inc.