How to be Successful When Learning a New Skill

How to be Successful When Learning a New Skill

Learning a new skill can be quite a stressful situation if you allow it to be. I know this first hand as you see I have just begun a new skill as a remote truss designer. After a decorated career of 20+ years in the military with multiply medals, it was time for me to move on and get into a different field.

Work environment and advancement opportunities are very important to me. In fact they head the list. I was recruited to Gould Design, Inc. by Jim Wald, the company’s Professional Development Manager. The freedom in working from home and the opportunity to learn a new trade with a minimal investment were icing on the cake. Throw in the fact that I get to attain en entrepreneurial mindset and here I am!

Initially, I was extremely overwhelmed with everything going on. There were so many new things to learn. I found out that I was over-complicating things. So I decided to go back to basics, to the “ABC’s”. I found that I could relieve the stress and make this a fun learning experience. You may ask what is the “ABC” methodology?


Allow me to explain.

A = Ask. Allow yourself to learn and to ask a lot of questions. If you are like me and are too “manly” to ask for help you will not get it. I learned to put my ego aside and treat this like elementary school. Do 5-6 year olds have ego? Why should I!

B = Believe. In yourself and in your professional network. The key the fits the lock is in believing in your abilities and strengths. After all, Jim and the GDI leadership team believed in me. Who am I not to have the same level of faith in myself?

C = Communicate. Yes, communication with your mentors and your fellow professionals goes a long way. In fact, in this endeavor, it is the water that nourishes the crop. The knowledge and expertise of others will always help you fulfill your goals, if you take the time to listen. Does any relationship prosper without communication?

The system that GDI has set up is so detailed, so elaborate. I am only just beginning to understand the depth of the Professional Development program that GDI offers. They make you feel like one of the family, as they really care about me and my success. All of the tools have been provided (mentorship, software, documentation, tutorials, etc.) for me to succeed. Someone is always there to answer that Skype message, email or phone call when I reach out for help.

So there you have it! This is what has been working for me. What works for me may not work for you, as we are all different. I would love to hear from you of some other ways that may assist me in my growth.

Bill Clemmer – Design Trainee

Gould Design, Inc.

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  1. Please explain me as an example on what professional development that I should have to take…..I am a contract construction supervisor oil & gas project here in Qatar. I hope it fits my needs., Thanks……Note: I have no website, I do not Know how to make it…..