3 Things to Consider About Component Design Outsourcing

3 Things to Consider About Component Design Outsourcing

There are many things to consider when deciding whether or not to approach a design outsourcing company. However the 3 most prominent considerations should revolve around protecting the interest of your company:

  1. Are they licensed by your plate and software provider?
  2. Do they have a strong reputation within the industry?
  3. Do they have liability insurance to cover the unexpected?



It is extremely important that the company that you choose to partner with is licensed and endorsed by your plate and software provider. The last thing you want is a software pirate! If they are licensed, it means that they are trusted by the software company and they enjoy a good and healthy relationship. The software company should be willing to vouch for the source you are considering. Another obvious benefit for the component manufacturer is that the design outsourcing company will have access to technical support if they have any issues; keeping the manufacturer hassle free.


Having a strong and positive reputation within the industry is not something to overlook. Is the source you are considering a “one man show”? If your competitors and peers like and recommend the design outsourcing company, chances are you probably will too. Together with speaking verbally with others, also research the company yourself online; there’s a high possibility that there will be reviews or testimonials available to view. Another aspect to check whilst researching online is whether or not the company engages with industry professionals and the general public via social media; this can often be a great source to see how they interact.


When things don’t work out on a job, who is liable? The building designer? The customer? The manufacturer? The design outsourcing company? If the design outsourcing company has liability insurance it shows that they have thought ahead, with the best interest of everyone in mind. We all know that mistakes do occasionally happen, but being prepared for when they do demonstrates forward thinking and planning. You know that if the company is liable they have the money available to resolve the issue and relationships can be maintained.

If you’re considering using a design outsourcing company then choose an established, reputable one. Choose one that has your best interest in mind. Choose one that will be there to see your project through to the end as you would expect you own staff to do. Choose one with a proven team-building system that has withstood the test of time.

Does you design resource take into account these 3 important considerations?

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