Christopher Gould – Founder (Retired from GDI)


Hailing from an extensive truss background (My father has been a design professional over 40 years), I attained real-time knowledge at a young age. By age 15, I had experience in almost every area (tables, saws, pit, Q/C, etc).

I got out of the industry in my early 20’s and ventured into the corporate world, gaining valuable management experience.

Upon returning to the industry, component design came naturally & in time I was promoted to Q/A, Training, eventually Management.

I started my first remote truss design firm in January 2006, designing only trusses. Utilizing my industry knowledge, I began to train and employ other American designers. Through Professional Development, and by creating a network of experienced design professionals, many doors across the globe opened. In time, architectural design followed, as did design/takeoff of other industry needs. We are now pleased to provide design of all building components, in addition to Truss Designer Training & Quality Assurance services.
As President of Gould Design, Inc. I am proud to offer my client a variety of services to suit their ever-changing needs. We have an extremely versatile staff, proficient in all industry software suites. Innovative technology, combined with professional results will extend our global outreach. Whole-House design IS the future.

As a proud partner with MiTek since 2009, GDI provides services to component manufacturers in need of outsourcing & remote truss design assistance. We are licensed in the USA & Canada. Types of services include: Wood Roof Trusses, Wood Floor Trusses, Steel Trusses, Wall Panels, EWP, Material Take-Offs, CAD & more. GDI provides Whole-House design & engineering services.

In June 2016, I turned over management of GDI to Bill Hoover and acted as an advisor until January 2017, when I stepped away totally. I have poured my heart and soul into GDI and have been very pleased with the rewards and the relationships built. But it is time for it to continue on without me! Thank you Bill for all you bring to the table. I know you will do an excellent job!


Gould Design, Inc. is a family owned and operated establishment, based out of Florida. Specializing in remote truss design, our staff’s knowledge & experience extend throughout the USA, into Canada, even Europe and beyond. GDI carries liability insurance and software licensing rights. In total, our team of specialists have over 250 years of component design experience, and offer an extensive variety of real-time field knowledge relating to engineered design and applications.

Vision Statement:
Extensive research, combined with breakthrough technologies focusing on industry innovation provides the springboard for GDI’s professional development program. Utilizing communication and “real-world” experience in construction applications allows the flexibility required to successfully satisfy a unique variety of customer needs.

Mission Statement:
Providing design solutions to component manufacturers with unique requirements, while maintaining quality and timely performance, optimally suited to your individual needs.

Value Statement:
Garnishing relationships with customers and employees through integrity and professionalism, communication and ethics, resulting with increased efficiency and savings for the customer’s bottom line.

Specialties: Management, Professional Development, Training, Wood Truss Design, Steel Truss Design, Wall Panel Design, EWP Design, Website Design, Architectural Design, CAD Design, Quality Assurance, Material Take-Offs, Whole-House Estimations, Strategic Alliances, Project Management, Design Outsourcing.
I firmly believe in practicing spiritual principles in personal, as well as business relationships. Integrity, respect, morality, ethics & honor are at the forefront of each and every decision. I strive to do the right thing, every situation! I truly believe in “Pay It Forward”.

I try to focus on creating special moments. Scouting, Camping, Travel, Sports, Art, there are too many to list! I married the woman of my dreams on Valentine’s Day 1999. We have 4 lovely children (at the moment) and strive to do our part to bring light into the world and brighten existing lights. Since meeting her, my life has improved in every way. I am very blessed to have found the person who has transformed my life with purpose, providing meaning.

The story goes like this: I was living in South Florida at the time and I traveled to Jacksonville to attend my brother’s wedding, which was to take place on October 17th, 1998. I arrived a few days early, to catch up with family. There was a pre-wedding party, at which my sister brought her best friend, Naida. It was love at first sight. 3 days after I met her, I asked her to move in with me. 3 weeks later she did. 3 months later we were married. We eloped, no one was invited to our wedding. There was some surprised reactions when we announced it! Being total opposites, it was natural for us to challenge each other and grow together. We have done just that. We now run a business together, pray together, raise a family together, the list is endless.

As a parent, I have found my calling. I strive to be a role model, to lead in a positive fashion. Most of my business sense has come from basic parenting skills. I strive to provide meaning to each holiday, each Sabbath, each lesson that life teaches us. The reality of “There is no such thing as coincidence” and “Pay it forward” will sum it up.

I am privileged to have received the blessing that G-d has provided me and will do all I can to make the world a better place as long I live on earth.

My personal mission statement:

The purpose of my life is to shine light in the world through ethical service to others, helping them to reach their full potential, while striving to attain an ascending level of humility.

Thank You for reading!

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