4 Reasons to Embrace Cloud Computing

4 Reasons to Embrace Cloud Computing

We’ve all heard and read about “Cloud Computing”. The future is on the cloud. You can be on your tablet or Smartphone, and have access to your documents and files.

Has this type of service that has taken over your business yet? Why not? Its programs are varied and diverse and, once you select the right service, they are totally customizable for your exclusive use.

Benefits of the cloud:

  1. Space saving
  2. Time saving
  3. Instant access from anywhere, anytime of the day
  4. Sustainability for the environment

file StackIn the April issue of GDI’s company newsletter, we devoted an entire page to “Cloud Computing”, highlighting its uses in today’s business world. In BuildTools, we have chosen just such a service, which is surprisingly affordable.

Together, GDI and BuildTools have been working for several weeks to customize their program to our needs. The developers were, and are, very helpful and cognizant of our needs, and were able to incorporate them into a useful and time-saving product. The product is targeted for homebuilder use and we have had it reconfigured for our design firm’s use.

The beauty of this is the connectivity. Imagine if you could locate your client’s project and have access to it at the same time they do. Just think of what that would do for the turnaround time challenges! The benefits here are too numerous to list. I will save that for another blog posting. Look for that in June.

BuildTools allows anyone to track their customer’s jobs by company name, job name, job number, due date, designer, etc., from any portal with internet access. The program allows customers to track their jobs on the calendar in the same manner from their office computer or on their tablets or smartphones at the job site.

Plans can be reviewed, change orders submitted, due dates changed, all at the website with the click of a button. No more stacks of paper to look through, no more torn, coffee stained plans to unroll. No more landfill waste. All “paperwork” is stored in the cloud and easily accessible. How many more jobs could your salesperson bring in if they weren’t “chasing paper” all day?

We envision future uses, such as, bidding jobs, architectural renderings and costing of completed jobs to be handled by this software. We are in the process now, of transferring all of our data to this powerhouse. Once tested and measured, GDI will be unveiling this incredible product to its staff and clients.

Are you going to grasp the future and be proactive? Or are you going to be reactive after it passes you by? Just imagine if you could connect the dots and generate more sales simply by embracing the cloud. Would you do it?

Richard Gould – Design Administration

Gould Design, Inc.

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  2. Wed, June 12, 2013 – You can buy pretty much anything in IT today “as-a-service,” and now it’s come to this: 2011 startup company named Metacloud claims to be one of the first to offer a cloud-based service of cloud computing resources.

  3. While cloud computing has many advantages, too few organizations weigh the long-term impact of over-reliance on vendors providing cloud services. The goal of cloud computing should be to reduce dependence on vendors — but the opposite seems to be happening.