2 Keys To Survival In The Technology Age

2 Keys To Survival In The Technology Age

Our family enjoys “our day of rest”, to unwind from our hectic and chaotic week. Does yours? We are so lucky to have technology in our lives, but sometimes it is also nice to turn them off and to focus on our family. We live in a 21st century world. We have instant access to information, pictures and how-to’s on the internet and our smart phones. It is all at our finger tips. Constantly at our fingertips. Or is it?


Technology is so wonderful in many ways and uses. For example:

  • A soldier stationed in Iraq is able to see his newborn child who was just minutes ago was born in Chicago.
  • Grandma, who lives 2,000 miles away is able to Skype, to talk and see her grandchild to discuss how the tooth fairy will visit because she lost her first tooth.
  • Technology is a great resource for education. Our children’s school uses technology to partner with education. It is great way to learn geography skills through meeting a “Mystery Skyper”. The students can see and talk to the “Mystery Skyper”, then ask questions to discover where the guest lives.
  • Students can contact experts to quote as sources for a research project.
  • We can purchase items from all over the global world.

Our modern world is so focused on instant gratification, I feel lucky to take a vacation once a week from all the hustle and bustle. Our tradition requires us to observe Shabbat, a day of rest: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shabbat.

Step 1 to survival is a “26 hour day” away from the modern world and we focus on rest and quality family time. During the period of rest, we do not:

  • Work
  • Drive
  • Do laundry
  • Use the phone
  • Write
  • Utilize anything electronic or that uses electricity
  • Cook/Clean
  • Perform any type of physical work
  • And many, many other things


During Shabbat, our family “unplugs” from the world of 2013. We do not use our phones, we do not watch television. This helps us to recharge our batteries.


In our tradition, this time begins with a family meal. It is customary to begin with lighting Shabbat candles, we say blessings and eat Jewish comfort foods. A traditional Shabbat meal would serve Challah, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Challah (a special braided bread), chicken soup, many varieties of salad, chicken, vegetable kugel, and a dessert.


Comfort foods seem to go hand in hand with family time in my world. Comforts foods bring back memories through smells, tasting and experiences. While eating challah, I can relive eating it every Friday night of my life. My daughters recall braiding the challah at summer camp.

We focus on spending time together. We attend religious services, we play board games, we read books, we take a nature walk, we swim in a pool and we take naps. We take this opportunity to create family memories.

This time spent “unplugged” helps us to be able to live in this fast paced society. In other words, we live in the moment.

Step 2 to survival is the close of the weekly Shabbat. We attend a Havdalah service. Havdalah means “separate”, so we are separating Shabbat from the rest of the week. Once again, Havdalah is celebrated through our senses. We recite the blessings, taste the wine, we smell the spices, we listen to songs, we light a three wicked candle. It is a fun and lively way to start the work week.

We are so lucky to have such a modernized world. However, it is nice and sometimes required to unplug from the modern bustle world and to focus on what is important. I feel that spending quality relaxing time with my family is the answer.

For another perspective, please visit http://inkwellscholars.org/7-ways-to-unplug-from-technology-increase-creativity/

Naida Gould – Owner

Gould Design, Inc.

7 thoughts on “2 Keys To Survival In The Technology Age

  1. We are so lucky to have such a modernized world. However, it is nice and sometimes required to unplug from the modern bustle world and to focus on what is important. I feel that spending quality relaxing time with my family is the answer.

  2. From the other comments which are on this page it truly is clear that there are many different opinions on this topic, but I just like the way you view the circumstances. Personally , i didn’t have a look at it like that, so I appreciate you bringing this out. Appreciate this, it was a really good document. I search forward to your long term posts.

    1. Thank you *blush*. I am pleased you found value!! Stay tuned for more. I truly believe in “Pay It Forward”. I spend alot of time helping others with this mindset and that is what this blog is all about! We are not afraid to share our secrets. Let me know if there is anything else I can do for you.

  3. Praises and congratulations on being able to achieve some level of harmony in a world that grows ever more tumultuous.

    In days gone by I directed indirect fire for maneuver units, which is a modern day fancy way of saying I spotted for the field artillery. At this point most people might stop and ask themselves what on earth does this have to do with the topic you posted. Please allow me to explain.
    In those days I used a map and a lensatic compass coupled with experience to maintain my unit’s exact location in the world. Now a days the same thing is accomplished by looking no further than the G.P.S. on your mobile phone. Through experience with identifying distance when looking through binoculars and by use of a map I was able to identify targets and threats to my unit from great distances. Today that same task is accomplished by using a laser range finder and the Global Positioning System.
    Everything is much faster paced, information of almost any kind is available in a instant, though much of technology is supposed to work in the form of time saving, time itself is at an all time premium. The most amazing thing is, is the pace at which things change. All of this constant change, increased demands on time, lighting fast pace effects much more than our pocket book.
    Thirty years ago I started in the wood component manufacturing business, there were no truss designers. We had books of standards and cutting lists were derived from a Smoley’s. Our layouts were done on a drafting table and we used adding machines and scales. Rather a dramatic change in a single industry.
    For a moment just imagine what that kind of change technology might present for the human spirit, or even more aptly the human psyche. More than at any other time in human history the need to power down and unwind is at an all time high.
    In days gone by a common phrase was to “stop and smell the roses”, seems to me that now more than ever that phrase has a direct focus on our lives today. If we do not take the time to unplug, unwind, relax, and enjoy family and community what are the consequences? In my opinion the consequences are obvious one only has to watch the evening news, or check out an internet news blog, or read the daily newspaper (which by the way is quickly falling by the way side).
    I hear people say how complex our society has become and I think, no society is basically the way it has been for thousands of years, but technological overload and dependence have added complexities that did not exist before now.
    To sum it all up, now more than ever people, especially those of us in professions rife with technology need to take the time to nourish our spirit, to reconnect with family, friends, and community. So that we may lead lives that are truly balanced and bear fruit which nourishes our communities.

    1. Bill, I could not agree more. We are so “connected” now that we need to disconnect. What’s scary is that the manual tracking you mentioned is almost a lost art. Much like in design, people just don’t know how to do it manually any more. They rely totally on the machine and follow its path, rather than creating their own. Thank you very much for sharing on this never-ending topic. I hope to hear from others in a similar light of spirituality.

  4. Your thoughts of unpluging from a world that is wired 24/7 one day a week to recharge and plug into our families is a refreshing practic and one that takes an extream change from ones weekly lifestyle. I comend you leading your family in this Godly and best way for us to live. I admire you and your family and hope in the second half of my life I may lead in small steps to unplug. Maybe then we may begain to hear each other and make great contributions into one anothers life. I may even open up the lines for God to speak to me.